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Barack-Benghazi-Obama-4-FPM-168x350 By Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist Oath Keeper and Patriot.

In a 5 minute segment Bill Whittle of Pajamas Media goes in to the background that sets the Special Operations Community apart from all others.

Note that he says he never met the shooter that brought down Osama bin Laden, but that he has made friendships with many capable of doing the same job.


Their training is second to none, of course we’ve seen videos about the rigors of becoming a SEAL , or perhaps “The Ranger Challenge.”

It’s the life long training while they are trained at DEVGRU that make SEALS, RANGER or member of Delta Force a completely different warrior.

In closing, this journalist will never believe that Osama bin Laden was killed on the alleged raid on the compound in Pakistan. 

Please check out  What ‘really’ happened to bin Laden?  

I’ve laid out my case above with…

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