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How can you avoid being a victim of Fraud?

I was surprised last night in talking to a friend that he stopped pumped his gas and jumped back into the car to continue the conversation, I had to ask him, “Did you just use a credit card in that gas pump?” His answer was “yes”.

I decided with a little help from him, that my first posting would be dealing with avoiding Identity theft, as well as fraud.

First, no gas pump is 100% safe to use your credit card in, the information is sent to the station that is also sending the information to their home office for payment, you don’t know if there is anyone in your area that can grab that information, you may find that you not only have paid for your gas, but a spending spree for a fraudster at the same time.

Take a look at what is in your wallet or purse. Woman we are the worst when it comes to carrying too much in our purses, men are just as guilty for certain things as well. Now spread all the items from your wallet and purse on the table, what would a thief know about you if they had this?

Now take out all that are not essential: driver’s license, 1 credit card for use for everyday things, business cards, and medical cards (be sure that your social security number is not the number for your medical coverage, if it is contact your insurance carrier for a new number). (This will include emergency contacts for those with conditions that warrant it)

Everything else put away someplace safe, this includes your Social Security Card, and this should never be in your purse or wallet.

Now for the things that you have for going back in your purse or wallet, get them photo copied front and back, should your wallet or purse get stolen you will have all the information for the items you have lost, it will also come in handy for the Motor Vehicle Department if you need to get a new one.

In an economy like this another thing that many persons are doing that they haven’t done for a long time is filling out a job application, sometimes online but some companies have the old fashioned forms, where it asks for your Social Security number, put in the following (on paper forms) “will supply upon hire” there is no reason that a business needs your social security number before you are hired, you will notice on your social security card it is not to be used as a form of identification, it is only to be used for tax purposes.

I have noticed that many companies who have online applications have it as a requirement that you must put a number in that area to move forward, you can either put all 0 or all 9 in that field, most times it will allow you to move forward from there, if a site doesn’t allow for this, you should be sure to contact the company in person or via the mail, to make them aware that you value your identity, and will not supply the real number until you are hired. You don’t know how their computers are secured, and personally I will not supply my number unless required by law for tax purposes.

Now all of us have gone to a doctor’s office and they hand you the obligatory form and say fill this out, have you noticed that they ask for your Social Security number? Next time ask them why they need this information, if the clerk says its protocol, and then ask again but “Why? What are you using this information for?” if they say it for their internal filing, ask to be supplied with a different number, much like it is stated above about insurance carriers, they used to use your social security number as their identifier for each patient, this practice was frowned upon by the HIPPA regulations, any and all companies that use the SS# as an identifier are suppose to be substituting it with a non-identifying number to safeguard your identity, as well as your medical history.

Again this is a situation that I refuse to give them this information, if you’re seeing your doctor for a work related injury, they will ask for the number so that it can be tracked, again you have the right to refuse, and to be supplied with a different identifier for your case.

You can learn more on protecting your identity and fraud prevention at www.dlbandassociates.com

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