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Sue got away with how much from Koss?

Living in Wisconsin I have heard and seen way too much about Koss and the embezzlement of $31 MILLION dollars.
I can not fathom that, how is that nobody in that company knew what was going on? Why did it take an employee of American Express (I give them full credit for this catch) to realize that something was very wrong?
Where were the safeguards for the company?
Or the stockholders?
Did the company follow best business practices? Who was her direct superior that he didn’t catch this in the quarterly reports?
I know that there are employees out there that can steal money and get away with it for a length of time, but to the million dollar mark, that is a new one, she is definitely in the Bernie Madoff category.
Do you honestly believe that the insurance company would pay out when the CEO wasn’t watching what was going on in the business?
I wonder about this defense of hers, really a medical disorder? And the prosecution can’t look at her files? Naw nothing fishy there… wise up crooks, there is a new reason that we can blame for our dysfunction.
Personally I would rather have told the truth in the first place and paid the money back, even though it took me a long time.
Really what is the medical cure for this “disease”?
Maybe the cure is not to allow her near another company’s asset again? Or better yet lets look at this realistically her base salary was what? As reported by filings for the company her base wage was $173,734/ year that averages at $3341.03 a week, that is before you figure what he husband brought into the household as a physician in Milwaukee.
The lastest in this case came out in the article below last week;
Sachdeva seeks delay because of massive number of documents
By Doris Hajewski of the Journal Sentinel
Posted: Feb. 11, 2010
The attorney for former Koss Corp. executive Sujata (Sue) Sachdeva has asked the court to extend a deadline for motions in the case, because of the volume of documents that prosecutors are using in the case against her.
Sachdeva is accused of embezzling $31 million from her employer and spending it on luxury clothing, shoes, furs, jewelry, vacations and renovations to her Mequon home.
The court earlier had set a Feb. 18 deadline for motions to be filed on Sachdeva’s behalf.
Attorney Michael F. Hart, in a letter to Judge William Callahan Jr., said he was notified Monday that 6,000 pages of documents were available from prosecutors. Hart said he needed more time to review the documents, and asked for an extension until March 11 for motions.
Sachdeva, 46, remains free on a $50,000 personal recognizance bond, after pleading not guilty to charges against her. A jury trial is scheduled for April 19 in Judge Lynn Adelman’s court.
She was first charged on Dec. 21, after American Express notified Koss that millions of dollars had been transferred from company accounts to pay Sachdeva’s personal bills. Sachdeva was charged with six counts of wire fraud in an indictment in January.
Hart has said he will raise mental issues in Sachdeva’s defense.

I understand that she had to surrender her passport, but really mental defense?
Really he is serious? This woman is accused of taking 3.1 million in assets, and from the news report I saw I wouldn’t have bought all that, she had to know she would be caught, from the reports I have seen they believe this money has been taken since 2006, and she was caught in 2009 that gives her basically a million a year plus her and her husbands standard salary.. I will agree the cost of living in Wisconsin has gone up but not that high.
I have seen reports saying that she was an upstanding member of society, I could be an upstanding member of society too if I had $22,571.80 per week to spend in the local stores.
Please realize that what she was averaging per week for the last 3 years, is more than most families have been living on for a year.
Please mental defect my aunt sally, she is a greedy person that believes that she could do more with that money than the company did, maybe she felt entitled, I don’t know, I can only put it out for comment from others, what do you think mental defect or entitlement?

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