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Can someone really check the Wisconsin water supplies; I really think we have a problem.

I wrote Sunday about the problems with Embezzlement in Wisconsin, well here is another story http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/W/WI_ELECTRONICS_EMBEZZLEMENT_WIOL-?SITE=WIKEN&SECTION=HOME&TEMPLATE=ap_content_popup.html

This is really bad for Wisconsin as a whole, but this also makes me wonder if this is more a result of the downturn in the economy, or a deeper problem.

For years Wisconsin has been viewed as a “good ol’ northern state” nothing of any note has really happened here for years, it seems that we have a problem emerging all over the state, is this a lack of morals or showing that the people in the state are really in trouble financially and they are finding anyway they can to get money, legal and otherwise.

We have lost more businesses it seems nearly every year there is another company that is threatening to move or actually closing it doors.

I know that to be a vendor for the State of Wisconsin there is suppose to be a long list of things that you need to show that you are a business in good standing, but I wonder how this was done, and how much more is there below the surfaces of the other communities in Wisconsin.

We have on occasion had other cases of fraud by persons in the offices, public and private, but how did they know to do this? Or better yet how did they think they would get away with the fraud?

I think that this shows that the way we do business in Wisconsin as well as in this nation,  it is a case of the “Ol’ Boys Network” you get the business depending on who you know, and you get your jobs the same way.

There is a big thing about our Governor appointing a DNR Secretary, after he had made it clear that he would go back to the 7 member committee to select the Secretary, but I really believe that this is a problem all over.

We have become a society of entitled persons, you are no longer judged on your merits, more so you are promoted, and selected more for who you know and what you can do for the powers that be, and the fact that this does not help businesses, but it also sets a dangerous precedent for businesses, as well as the taxpayers of the State.

If you know someone you can get away with not being fully above board with your actions, but let’s look at the case above a little, where did they learn to do this? Maybe they found a loop hole in the system, and they exploited it, I am not assigning guilt or innocents of the persons that are being looked at for this fraud, but really how many other dollars are misspent in our government offices?

This is fraud just the same, but this is looked at as business as usual.

Businesses follow the lead of the companies that they do business with, and with fraud seeming to be everywhere it is a wonder that there are any businesses in Wisconsin that don’t have fraud of one kind or another in it.

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