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Why is there so much fraud in Wisconsin? Case of the Perfect Storm

This morning I am reading the paper, per my norm, and I find this little article http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/85159707.html this woman is 38 years old and admits that she was in debt and living beyond her means.

Ok I grant you that I think that we should be given an auto car starter as well as heated car seats for every car in Wisconsin, I really don’t believe that we are a State filled with questionable morals.

What is really wrong that there are cases most everyday that the people have stolen from their employer and it looks like most of them are not small amounts of money, nearly a years salary or more for most of them, that is a years salary for a person working full time at almost $20 an hour.

The latest headlines read like a dime store novel; besides the long list of Koss related articles the rest really are across the broad range of the population.

Youth Football missing money –  http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/84520027.html

Fond du Lac City Embezzlement – http://www.jsonline.com/news/milwaukee/84018147.html

Waukesha Employee Embezzlement – http://www.jsonline.com/news/waukesha/83559087.html

LaCrosse Priest Embezzlement – http://www.jsonline.com/news/crime/83173832.html

Are these examples of why we as a nation have a problem, or is this just showing what is really going on and has been for a long time?

I do not have particulars for the above cited cases, but most seem to be cases of someone catching on when the numbers didn’t jive.

It looks from the reported stories above that the only one that has happened in the last year was the Youth Football case, all the rest have been going on for years.

I read a post by Chuck Gallagher last night and I really need to share with you, he really has hit the nail on the head with this one, it is about how “Lawyers” are attempting to deter White Collar Crime.


First of all, other than the analogy about Lawyers being bottom feeders, and the one attorney calling White Collar Criminals the same term, really can we all just get along??

Really this story brings to light the problems in some ways, that the reason that the embezzlement is coming to light is because of the economy, but it fails to show that for the most part the economy has been in a downward spiral for the common person a lot longer than the economists have admitted.

For the most part most business people will not commit fraud unless they feel no other way out, AND a reasonable thought at not getting caught, so if this many people are committing fraud maybe and this is just my common sense and logical thought process, maybe the economy has been in the tank for a lot longer than most people have been willing to admit.

The average person and I do mean the average no college employee is making between 8 & 10 dollars an hour, which is an average income of 16k and 20k a year. Add a child or 2 to the mix, or a divorce, or a medical emergency, and you have the perfect storm for fraud to be committed.

If Businesses would like to know how to avoid fraud, I would suggest that they not go to the Attorneys for information since they are clearly on the other side of this subject, and to go to the people that can give them a better perspective and really people like Chuck and I would know what it is that can set up the perfect opportunities for the normally moral person to commit fraud.

For assistance with preventing fraud in your business please visit either Chuck or I, or someone like us that has the real experience that can help you safeguard your business in this economic storm of problems.


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