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National HealthCare the biggest Fraud & Ponzi Scheme

This morning I am awake and while surfing the stations to attempt to make myself sleep I happened on Charlie Rose program on PBS, his guest was the director of the CBO, Congressional Budget Office, and in listening to him I realized what is really happening on Thursday (today).

It seems I can never get away from fraud; this whole healthcare thing that is being pushed by our “Leaders” is just that fraud. Politicians have long been looked at like the bottom dwellers (lawyers) that prey on those that don’t realize they are victims until it is too late, and like those victims we don’t realize how bad this will be, and once we do, we will have no recourse.

For those of you that are not from the Wisconsin, Illinois area, and unaware of the history of the Chicago style politics I ask that you direct your attention to the days when the mob, yes the ones with the crooked noses, wanted something to happen they would brow beat, or in today’s language put a “beat down” on the ones that they wanted to follow their will, they were and some say still are very interwoven into the political offices in Chicago, much like they were and probably still are in the New York area.

That is what is happening on Thursday, Our President is bringing in our representatives, yes he is saying that he wants to “discuss” options, I am sorry this man is from Chicago, and he has promised to fundamentally transform America, I firmly believe that if any Republican agrees to ANYTHING that is proposed on Thursday you will be the scapegoat when this shows to not work.

Honestly like most people I would love to have someone else pay for my healthcare needs for my family, but in reality someone has to pay for it.

The President has yet to come out and speak about HIS plan, he has it on the Government website, and I have looked at it, but reality is we can not as a nation afford to pay for everyone’s healthcare, deficit neutral is a falsehood, and we as the American public are being hoodwinked. The actual cost of this Neutral is 1 TRILLION DOLLARS.

The Director of the CBO actually stated that he didn’t believe that the American people really understood what this all really means, and that we are not able to sustain the deficit, and that this “plan” will in the end save us money, I may not be a lawyer or economist, then again I am not a scientist but I knew that global warming was a farce, if you have a debt you don’t throw a party and use more money, you don’t buy a new car when you may be losing your home, or your job.

What our nation needs is for the Republicans that have been invited on Thursday not to give into the “offer you can’t refuse” sorry I needed to add the Godfather line, it was too perfect not to, go to your constituents and tell them the truth, we need to as a nation do what our Grandparents and Parents did, tighten our belts.

They actually talked on the show tonight about the need to RAISE taxes.. And they had a guy (no clue who he was) that stated that we are the lowest taxed nation in the world, really? Guess that guy hasn’t looked at Venezuela or Mexico lately. If we raise Taxes, we will lose more jobs, if we lower taxes we make more jobs, geez how dumb do they think we are?

They like to use numbers to confuse us, they say that our current healthcare is I believe 16% of GDP, and that this will only go up in the coming years, ok, fine, what is the real number? And when they say that TORT reform would not help to relieve this, how about being able to buy insurance across state lines?

They spoke of Value pricing for our medical care, I know for a fact that when I was on Medicaid (badger care in WI) I could only see certain doctors, ok like most HMO’s when I called to get an appointment I was told that the doc I wanted didn’t accept badger care, ok I understand the reimbursement isn’t as high as the regular insurance, I was told to pick another doc, I tried that, none of the doc’s I called would accept the insurance, I would have to go to the walk in clinic for my care, mind you I did that once for my sons physical, we waited for an hour, (with an appointment), saw a different doc than the appointment was with, and was prescribed the wrong epee pen for my sons potential allergy to Bees, he was given a juvenile pen, when he is well over the size for an adult pen, oh yes and the medicine he was prescribed was not covered by the insurance (allergy pen & inhaler) were not pre-approved by the insurance company.

This is your future if we have National Healthcare, look at how the Post Office is run; better yet ever go to the DMV? How long have you waited in line at either place? Both of those are “State” run institutions.

I have to tell you all please for the love of all that our Nation used to stand for don’t let the Washington Elite get away with keeping their retirement plans, health plans, and residual pay and protection while they strip us of all that we have been raised to believe that we have, the Rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

If you would like help with fraud not related to Washington, I would be happy to help. www.dlbandassociates.com

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