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Someone to finally stand up to the Washington Elite

I found this story about the Virginia Attorney General.

This man seems to be pushing for repeal of the fraud that has been pushed down our throats. The EPA and the Federal government have been shown not to have our best interest at heart, and the frauds that have been happening for years seem to be in trouble with this new AG.

We as Americans can stand behind people that are going to help us to regain control of our rights that we have, I was please to see the news report last night about the 2nd amendment being upheld, we all have the right to protect ourselves and our families.

Business fraud has been rampant, but I believe many of these fraudsters have been following the lead from the politicians, and this AG seems to believe that it is against the law for ANYONE to commit fraud even if they are in political office.

I heard a breaking news story this morning that Charlie Rangle is asking to step down for the investigations into his shady practices while in office, it would seem that a few people are finally hearing those of us that have been saying that fraud is fraud is fraud, no matter who perpetrated it.

I have noticed as well that since the report about the board for Koss Corp. has been strangely quite about doing all they could prior to the money being taken, and there have been more than a few people that commented on the story in the paper.

Fraud is not going to be tolerated, and businesses that don’t pay attention to the stockholders for your business, and if you don’t protect the company from embezzlement you will be held accountable, and all diversion tactics will not save you from the shareholders looking for compensation, the only saving grace for Koss is that I believe 70% of the shares are held by board members and Koss Family, and it is doubtful that they will sue themselves.

Fraud can be avoided, and for more information for protecting your business go to www.dlbandassociates.com .

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