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Attorney Fraudster allowed what others are not; a NEW start

In reading the news this morning I was startled by the headline;

Lawyer convicted in Bielinski builders fraud reinstated to bar

I really can not believe that this attorney is allowed something that the rest of the people are not allowed, I have read the comments left and I would like to clarify one thing, in WI once your parole or probation is complete you are allowed to vote again, it is only felons that are incarcerated as well as under the supervision of Parole or Probation that you are not allowed to vote.

I would hope that everyone that reads this understands that for any other felon you must petition for a pardon from the Governor to be able to use any licenses you previously held, (prior to felon status) and this can only be done 5 years after completion of your supervised parole or probation.

How is it that the Supreme Court can allow this Felon to again practice law, when other felons can not even begin the process of mending their former lives until minimum of 5 years, and then you need to jump through numerous hoops, to ATTEMPT to get your life back on to your former life, prior to Felon status.

There are 2 comments I will copy below, to help you to understand the “mindset” of the crime linked above.

Can a blogger who is a civil rights attorney speak to whether, under Wisconsin’s law that gives convicted criminals the same “protected class” status as persons who might be discriminated against due to race or religion, a law firm could, without fear of liability to Gral, refuse to hire Gral? Does reinstatement to the bar trump a prospective employer’s determination that Gral’s prior unlawful conduct is “reasonably related” to his prospective duties as an employee? If the Supreme Court trusts him, can a prospective employer decide there is a risk of recidivism and refuse to hire Gral?

A sleazy decision by members of the sleaziest profession.
Let a cop, a teacher or a firefighter make a mistake in judgement and their professional life is over. But a lawyer who steals from his client, slap on the wrist and right back to thieving. The fact that this comes from the supreme court is proof enough that there are no honest lawyers.

I can not speak to the particulars of this case, but I can tell you that a felon does not get a free pass ever in the State of Wisconsin. But the second comment is very true, you can as a felon apply for a pardon, but you rarely are granted one, and again let me remind you that you must wait a minimum of 5 years before you can APPLY for a pardon from the Governor.

As to the first comment, you would think that since he has been granted his law license back he is able to apply for any position, and yes I believe he would be able to sue for a job if discriminated by a potential employer, unlike those of us that are just petty criminal, oh wait, he is a petty criminal, and he is being allowed to start over, there was one more comment about him changing his name, yes he would be able to do that as well.

There are a few other comments about his being left to hold the bag for another criminal, ok, a Federal Court found him guilty, he served time in prison as well as probation, yet, he is an attorney, if I am reading this correctly then all persons that have served their sentence, as well as their supervised time, and you wait a month, you should be able to apply to the Supreme court to get your licenses back to be able to do what you were trained to.

I am sorry I usually error on the side of caution since I am a Felon, as I have disclosed here before, but I have been denied employment because of my Felony, while on supervision, even after supervision, I have been denied employment and I have been told that my crime is “reasonably related” to ANY position I may hold.

I have letters from people who have known me for years, prior to and after my conviction, all with the fact that I have followed the letter of the law, for years, not just for a month, and that I have done everything to repair for what I have done, to my family, as well as to own up for my mistakes. Yet I have not been allowed to get a license for Insurance, I have completed my studies for fraud prevention, and this was legal, as long as I do not “re-offend” now understand that I have not been given the breaks that this attorney has, and there are numerous other persons that have felonies that have not been able to obtain reasonable employment, to show that we are on the right path, that we have learned from our lessons.

I think that this attorney getting his license back is a poor example that you should not commit fraud, this is equal to a sex offender being allowed back into a school to teach once he is done with his time, you wouldn’t let a sex offender near your children, yet the court allowed for this man to be in the position of committing fraud again.

Did anyone else catch the part that he has not paid back all the money that he has been ordered to pay back, in an agreement, he has explained that it is because of the “poor economy”, well I had times that I was unable to pay my restitution because of the economy and being unable to obtain employment because of my felony, but I could not get off probation with out having my restitution paid in full.

I would love your feed back to the following questions;

  1. Should this man have his law license back?
  2. Would you hire this man to practice law on your behalf?
  3. Should felons be allowed to seek employment and not have a felony follow them FOREVER?
  4. What is considered time served for a crime?

I can tell you that the sentence that I received was fair for what I did, but I really thought that after 10 years I would be able to apply for a job and not have to put the FELON on my application, that was a fantasy, this man, unless as suggested that he changes his name, will be a felon forever no matter if he has his law license back, but with the court allowing him to have his license back, and since the case was a Federal Case, it wouldn’t show up in a Wisconsin search for Felons, so he gets a pass for Fraud, how fair is that?

Your comments are welcome, as well as wanted, if you would like assistance with preventing fraud in your business, or group contact me through www.dlbandassociates.com

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