Woman in Fraud

Why is it that women are slowly gaining on the men for doing the Ponzi schemes, as well as the old fashion embezzlement fraud?

Fraud in itself has been around for years, but lately the headlines deal with women being the perpetrators of these schemes, are their pasts catching up to them? Are women more likely to commit fraud?

While there is no scientific evidence of this being a growing trend, I believe that the reasons are very simple; women are now more likely to be in positions that in the past they were not in to be able to commit these crimes.

In reading the past articles having to do with the Koss embezzlement here in WI I came across an interesting opinion page discussing the in’s and out’s of going to “Club Fed” as they call the Federal Prison system, FYI it is called a club but I rather doubt if anyone that is or has been incarcerated in one would call it a club, it is a prison and you will lose your rights in more than a few ways once you enter.

This opinion article sites a few businesses that are run by former convicts, and I really had never thought of there being someone to tell you how to do your time, the must do’s and the basics that you would have to figure out on your own if you don’t enlist their services, personally I kind of wish that I had known about them before, but as my time was not as extensive as the persons that are involved with Koss and now this Ponzi scheme in Seattle (see above link for Ponzi scheme) I can see where this would be a business that would flourish with the elite of the prison bound.

Back to my thoughts on Women in Fraud, why would they do this? And why is this crime on the rise?

Mostly because women are in positions now that they have not been in the past, they are trusted members of the old boys network, and with that comes a certain amount of trust as well as learning from the big boys on how to get away with things, do I think that all these women learned from their bosses, not really, but they did have a need for money for what ever it is that they used it for, they had the opportunity, and they were able to justify it if only to themselves that they are due the money that they took.

I don’t believe anymore than anyone else in polite society that woman are more likely to commit a crime, but I do believe that they are more at risk to be able to justify it to themselves easier.

Women usually have the budgets for their homes, as well as the family well being to take care of. So if they can justify it and they feel the need, all they need is an opportunity.

Before I get all you women out there getting pissed at me, first let me remind you I am a woman, I have committed fraud, and I know how a woman thinks.

Most women I know would lay down their lives for their families, I don’t believe that all women are out there scoping out their jobs for ways to defraud them, but given the 3 things needed to be able to commit fraud; Need, Opportunity & means to be able to Justify it, there are more than a few women out there that would, or could commit fraud.

I would urge them to stop before they even start, because the desire to “make ends meet” or to have a “little extra” does NOT justify the means nor is it worth what you will lose, or have potential to lose if you commit fraud.

Woman are truly only following the men’s lead when it comes to fraud, in cases where this has been studied, it has been sited that most fraud is committed by men, this is only due to the rather high percentage of the positions that are held by men that has enabled them to commit fraud.

Please feel free to comment; if you would like assistance with Fraud Prevention for your business you are welcome to contact me through www.dlbandassociates.com.

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