Defrauding the American People

I attempt not to be political or partisan on my blogs, but today is a day that I am frustrated with the Fraud that the Administration is attempting to force on the American Public.

ObamaChart = this is how they are defrauding the American Public

I know that there are people that believe that the Healthcare Bill that they are debating is their right, but I really can not believe that there are people that would believe that something that you would have to purchase is considered a RIGHT, this is not a right, and really if this passes it is further proof that Old Chicago politics is alive and well in Washington.

Even the Main Stream Media is telling the Washington Elite to stop; it seems that everyone in Washington needs a new set of Bionic Ears.

If ever you wondered what Fraud was and is, take a look at the Obama Chart linked above, if it isn’t legal for a business or individual then why are they taking their will out on the populace?

We are not sheep for the slaughter, as much as they may think it is a good thing, and as stated on March 6thU.S. Rep. Gwen Moore stated she “has a responsibility to govern” and “Democrats will use their majority” to push their agenda through” along with every other illegal move this administration is up to.

I remember arguing with people about the election, Hey I didn’t really want McCain either, but I didn’t believe all the “Hope and Change” hype, and it seems that the rest of the Nation is now starting to understand that legal and political double speak is nothing more than lies that they need us to believe just a little longer to be able to pass what they want for a Government that is in control of everything.

Does anyone remember transparency? How about the bill will be posted for 72 hours for the public to review before any vote in Washington?

This morning Sen. Kucinich has decided to vote for the Healthcare bill, after being against it in the past, what happened on Air Force One? What was he promised? Really he stated that there was a relevance for the Native American belief of a whole soul being needed for a whole life, ok, that is a little off the regular track, but lets look at the only experience that the Federal Government has with running healthcare, the Senator brought it up, what of the Native Americans that have been receiving care on the reservations for years.. times up, I can tell you that they are not the shining star for this government to march in front of the public, if they were they would have been talked of already, of a shining example of what they have been able to do for the Native Population, I can tell you as a part Native, you don’t want Federal Care, it sucks. If Sen. Kucinich were a Native under Federal Care, he would not have been able to find a “cure” for crohn’s disease of which he has suffered most his life, with the diet that he now eats to alleviate the diseases affects, as he stated in his statement today, he would have suffered longer, but if you go into the link above for the disease, it states that a high Vegetable diet could “trigger” a flare up, didn’t the Senator say he was eating a more vegetable diet? Ouch, guess he should get with Former Vice President Al Gore and learn to use the Internet, and look up WebMD soon J.

Why are the States flexing their muscles and passing laws to block a Federal Healthcare plan? Is it maybe because the States have the rights for healthcare, which is in the Constitution, all rights that are not granted to the Federal Government will revert to the States.

I have received State Badger Care, I can tell you that it is broken and if the bill is signed into Law on the Federal level it will only be worse.

We have people that are not able to get healthcare, ok I understand that one, I have a member of my family that would fall underneath that pre-existing condition, is it your fault? How about the insurance industries fault? Ok I will go with the Insurance companies have this one coming at them, but I do not want to be pooled with others that can not get healthcare.

If we pay enough we can get the coverage, ok, but so can others, and in Wisconsin there are a number of people that qualify, as long as they have no money in the bank, or any real assets, that is Badger Care.

If you have no money you have options already, you have the public option already, if you have been responsible you have saved, and paid off most all but the monthly bills, you can not get that “free” care, mind you the care is free for those that receive it with lowered co-pays, and we as taxpayers pay for that “free” care that these people already receive.

This is all a smoke and mirrors Chicago politics at its worst and the sooner that the rest of you realize this is not the “hope and change” that you thought you were going to get.

Those on the progressive left and right that are arguing that we need to help those that can not help themselves, guess what we are already helping them, we have been for years, so tell the truth about what you really want and are trying to do, commit Fraud on the American People.

To legally tap our pockets for the money that you want and need to run the government into the ground as evidenced by the $2 Trillion dollars that President Obama has already accrued since he was elected.

I am open to comments as well as debates on this subject, and if you are looking to prevent fraud in your business visit us at

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