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Shedding light on the shoveling being done by the Washington Elite

Good Morning,

In watching news last night, as well as this morning I have to admit I was moved to tears, I am truly scared for our Nation, and we as the citizens there of.

I know that most persons that read this will think oh well Deb thinking again, I have been told I can not do anything about it so I should just give up, well I was made with stronger stuff than that, so I will not stop and give up.

I want everyone that is reading this to call your representatives and bring up the facts to them that the Federal Government has not been able to run Healthcare for the Native Populations on Reservations, as promised in treaties of the past, as well as regulations.

The Dark Side of Health Care on Native American Reservations

Really look this up, it is rather easy to locate information for the lack of healthcare for the people of Native decent, you have to prove your blood percentage, before you can be deemed a Native, and if your family was removed from the original Native Rolls by the Federal Agents you may not be able to prove how Native you are, but if you are able to prove your Native percentage then you are entitled to certain things, but only if you live on the reservation, or close to that reservations.

They can not keep the Native Population healthy how the heck they can really think that they can take care of the Nation is beyond me, the current Administration seems to be believing their press and that they are the second coming, with that they would be able to feed the multitudes, and heal them of all their ills, otherwise, leave that to GOD he has more experience and honestly I trust him more than I do our current Government Representatives.

In the above link re: Dark Side of Healthcare, you can notice that they spend more on the Department of Corrections than they do for the healthcare of Natives, how can they think that they will be able to care for a nation of people, most of whom qualify for healthcare already in their States, so why is the Fed meddling their fingers in it? Because they can, they want the power.

Realistically you need to think about the reality of healthcare, even if it is as cheap as they say if all the stars align correctly, if they are out of alignment, God help us all, I think it will come in at more than 1 TRILLION dollars.

I have skimmed the new bill that is suppose to be voted on this weekend, please read as much as you can of this bill, maybe you and a few friends can get together an read different parts so that you can all get through the over 2000 pages of it, I can not say that I read it, even I can not read that fast, and I read pretty fast, and they are counting on the population losing interest with this issue or how they are pushing this through by hook or by crook.

If you would like more information regarding the prevention of fraud in your business please visit www.dlbandassociates.com, I welcome comments as well as debate in this issue, but the time is running out, please call your representatives and ask them about the lack of Healthcare for Natives, they couldn’t provide it for all these years for those small populations of People, there is no way that they can provide it for the Whole of the Country.

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