Ok time to Wake up Washington

As all of you may or may not realize I am not a political person, this weekend I managed to upset my husband, by watching the vote that was heard around the world (play on words for the shot that was heard around the world) as well I managed to get in an argument with my Mother about the things that this bill includes, I guess I am just not really calm about this.

Those of you in the Milwaukee area, you know those of you that live in Gwen Moore’s district, you may have even signed a petition for your representative to represent you, that is what she was elected to do.

Unfortunately she has the pulse of the people, guess what you may have the pulse of the White house but not of your constituents, I guess you decided that you wanted to retire after this year?

Most the people that need to have healthcare reworked, did not want this bill, it has too many sweetheart deals, and you have decided your fate for November.

I am not in her district, Thankfully my representative listened to me and others like me, but along with the other fraud that I will exposing I am going to start getting a little more political and I am going to start reporting to the people that read my blog about what I find out about the State Representatives, as well as the ones we send to Washington.

I will promise you this, much like Fox I will strive to be Fair and Balanced, but I will also admit I have an agenda, I am not running for political office, I am not a member of any given party, but if you are a representative and you are not listening to your constituents, I will strive to be sure that this is exposed, I don’t care if you are Democrat, or Republican, or even an Independent.

I will start with Mrs. Moore, I heard her talk on Sunday, and she is really pretty good at diversion in her own right, I have crunched the numbers, not just taken what they have said as the truth, remember every story has 3 sides, and usually the least looked at is the truth.

If you would like to have more information about the facts about Mrs. Moore’s constituent’s feelings please follow the links below.

Dueling petitions on health care flood Moore’s office

Neumann Delivers Petitions Opposing Health Care Bill

If you would like to support a conservative running against Mrs. Moore, even if you are not in the District, please follow this link; www.supportsebring.com

I have also heard that there is a protection for WI residents, it is stalled in Committee by Job Erpenbach, I urge that your look up your representative, senate as well as assembly to put pressure on so that this is passed to protect us from the Washington Elite and their unconstitutional Chicago politics.

Wisconsin has a Health Care Freedom Amendment that Senator Jon Erpenbach is currently stalling in the Health, Health Insurance, Privacy, Property Tax Relief, and Revenue Committee. We need to move it forward. Please call Erpenbach’s office today and tell him you expect a public hearing pronto: 608.266.6670.

Should have noted that when calling you can refer to the Health Care Freedom Amendment by the following number: SJR-62. Thanks! Also be sure to contact your local State Assembly and Senators to help push this to protect our State.

 Your comments are always welcome, if you need help with fraud prevention with your business please contact me at www.dlbandassociates.com or Deborah @ dlbandassociates.com spaces added to avoiding spam sniffing for emails.

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