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Our Silent Partner in cleaning up Washington Fraud

Attention Americans, It has been brought to my attention by a rather unlikely source (Hubby) that we have a silent partner in our fight against the fraud and unconstitutional actions of Washington D.C.

Since our silent partner has not been able to stop the corruption and the out and out lack of listening to the American people we really need to pay attention and do what we can to make Washington listen, since it is clear that they have not.

You may ask who the silent partner is, well we know it can not be Rush or Glen, since neither of them are known for their silence, so who could this partner be? Well in all honestly the partner is anything but silent really, since she has been doing her best to give them a clue and clean up the mess, but they obviously are not as good a steward of the earth as they claim to be.

Our silent partner is none other than; MOTHER NATURE   

Wonder how it is that I get this idea? Well this last winter she dumped enough snow to close the normal business to nearly nothing, very unlike what the norm used to be, that was Mother Natures attempt to cover the dirt that was piling up in Washington; didn’t you hear everyone complain about where did global warming go on the east coast? After the snow, she has dumped rain, to attempt to wash away the stench that she had covered with the snow, and still they have not gotten the clue.

We as American Citizens need to help our silent partner, we need to pay attention to what they are doing and saying, to do our best to clean up the politicians that are really not listening or doing what we have asked them to do, they are more interested in what they can do for themselves, and looking to be re-elected to force feed us more of their “programs” that will help us, even though we don’t know what is in them yet, yeah right; Madam Speaker, when we say we don’t want something and you go ahead and do it, cause we don’t know what’s good for us, or whatever, trust me, all of us that vote know what we are doing.

Much like Glen Beck said last Friday we need to pay attention and watch Washington, but we need to act locally, talk to your State Representatives, if your State is underwater with their bills, and unable to balance their budget without cutting services, ask them why?

You are the best defense this Republic has, and we have been walking around in a daze for years, believing that the Representatives that we have elected have been doing what was best for all of us, Wake up time was 2 weeks ago when we told them over and over we didn’t want National Healthcare, and they voted for it anyway.

We need you as active as you can be, if you don’t tend your garden all you get is weeds, and personally I am tired of eating weed salad, I have a hankering for a lush green salad, and with the way they are spending money in Washington, we will be lucky to scrape up enough for the dirt.

I am not asking or telling anyone that violence is the way of solving this matter, matter of fact violence is the very last thing that can happen, if we become violent then they (Politicians) can order marshal law, and then we are done for.

There is no need for violence, the things we can do is very grass roots, we need to call our representatives, if you can do nothing more at least you are getting your view known to those in power, best is if you have an election coming, and I mean any election, even dog catcher, I want you to call them schedule a time to talk to them and interview them as you would any job, if you have friends in the newspapers talk to them ask if you can sit in on an interview with them.

If you meet with them Face to Face then they have a face to associate with what you want, you need to make sure that you are not throwing away your vote on people that do not think the way you do.

Understand that if we are to be fiscally conservative that means that we need to get out of debt, and unlike the former president or this one for that matter, don’t get into debt if you can avoid it, if you are current with your bills, and are able to stash a little away I urge you to do so, you may need that rainy day fund sooner rather than later.

Don’t spend frivolously, if you don’t NEED it don’t buy it, if you can repair instead of buying new, then do it, this spending control needs to start at home, and then as you can make sure that the representatives that you elect are doing the same thing with your money you are paying them, this means for the State as well as the Federal Government.

They need to tighten their belts, there is no more money in the coffers, and this thing about using the TARP money for another stimulus or Jobs bill, and it isn’t our money, we need to remind them that it is OUR money; all of the money they are spending is OUR money.

Even if the Feds borrow the money it is OUR money.

The Spending that is going on in Washington and many of the States of this Republic needs to be reigned in, they forget it is our money and if their idea of stimulation is throwing our money up in the sky and hoping for it to make a job, they need a reality check.

The basics of Fraud Prevention are to know who is watching your money, and at this point we have a bunch of shysters minding our State and Federal Money.

I will strive to help make sure that I write about the most prevalent things most every week day, but if you have a suggestion or a news link you would like more information on please visit my website and send me your suggestion directly.

If you would like help with Fraud prevention in your business please visit me at www.dlbandassociates.com or send me an email, all comments are welcome.

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