Racism and Ponzi schemes in America

Looking at yesterday’s news I am left to wonder what has happened to a nation I was always proud to say I was a member of and citizen; well today there was the icing on the cake.

We have 3 stories I would like to highlight from yesterdays news, all deal with Racism in one shape or another.

There is a story of a man that was killed, not just any man, but from all accounts a good man that would help anyone in need, after having his home robbed of over $700 he still would help illegal’s that were crossing the border in need of water or help in anyway that he could, and who do they suspect killed this good hearted man? An illegal immigrant.

We have had an ongoing debate about our supposed secure borders to our south for years, and like a rancher claimed in the story linked above you will hear little out of Washington besides lip service, and if you speak out against illegal immigration you are looked at as little more than a racist, I don’t think that this ranchers family feels the same way about the illegal’s using their property.

Second case of Racism has to do with a Marines Dad that is ordered to pay the court costs for the protestors from his sons funeral, that’s right this Dad is expected to pay the people that disrupted his sons funeral services because they were in some way maligned during the protest, what happened to the law that protestors can not be less than so many feet from a funeral? This reminds me of the protestors for the Vietnam war, I wasn’t old enough to remember it for myself, but I do remember seeing footage of these soldiers being spat on by protestors, how in the name of anything that is moral and just are these protestors able to get away with this? I understand freedom of speech but what happened to the ability of a family to mourn the passing of their loved ones?

And the last of the Racist stories that I read has to do with our President, it seems that if you are white you are racist for not continuing to follow our President down the road of destruction that he has us on.

This story is from the Washington Times, and it seems that it is an Editorial, but really Washington is just now clueing into the fact that we don’t care what color he is, we don’t like his policies and his haphazard way of taking care of things.

Race plays a much stronger role in the liberal mindset than for most of America. Mr. Obama and many liberals of his generation grew up being taught that America is at root a deeply flawed country, and it is their mission to “fix” it. Those pushing the “racism” argument to explain the strong opposition to Mr. Obama’s policies do so because they can’t escape looking at issues through a racial prism. As America has become post-racial, they are intellectually and emotionally stuck in the 1960s. So they recycle images half-a-century old and wait, forlornly, for a random lynching to justify their worldview.

There is much to dislike about Mr. Obama’s America: high unemployment, monstrous record debt, economic sluggishness, a terrible health care law, higher taxes, a rigged census, fast-tracking illegal aliens to the franchise, growing government at home and increasing weakness abroad. It is not mean-spirited racism to take a stand against the daily destruction of the American dream; it is simple common sense.

We as a nation are tired of giving our tax dollars to companies too big to fail, failing government policies, and all and all his report card with most Americans unless they are on the Governments dole is a big fat F and that would be in the biggest RED pen I could find if I was grading his performance thus far.

For the first year all we have heard as a nation that it was the past Presidents fault, ok that would work for a few months, but really .. still? I don’t think so, when my son gets a poor grade he can try to blame his teachers from last year, but it doesn’t work in my house, trust me I’m a mom that knows the tricks, Mr. Obama needs to be spanked for this kind of performance, but then again this is what they (progressives) have been working towards for so many years, you can bet that Hillary Clinton is green with envy cause the Healthcare passed this time, when she and her husband worked so hard for it when he was President.

I actually had a co-worker say to me today that until the Healthcare came up she thought he was doing a pretty good job… Really?

What about GM? What about AIG? What about going after the bonuses the AIG employees got with retroactive taxes?

Her response? “Oh I forgot about that, but wasn’t part of that the other Presidents fault?” Really?

I didn’t argue with her, just asked her to look up the dates of the bailouts and then to look at the money going out for other things now, it is not the former President Bush that did this it is the current administration.

I really don’t care if you are a Democrat, or Republican, if you are a citizen of the US of A, then you need to wake up and look at what is happening in Washington D.C. with your tax dollars, cause we are the ones that are going to have to pay for all that is happening, every policy and every bailout, and stimulus.

This is the biggest Ponzi scheme ever successfully pulled off, by the Congress, Senate, and the President, our only hope is that the Judicial Branch steps in and rules this all unconstitutional.

If you would like help with preventing fraud on a smaller scale, sorry folks I can do nothing but ring the bell on the things in Washington, then feel free to contact me via www.dlbandassociates.com you are able to email through that site as well.

As always comments are welcome, and appreciated.

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