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Wisconsin’s Governor “Diamond (Fraudster) Jim” Doyle

Today’s news is back in my own home turf, Wisconsin, it seems that the Governor of our Great State of Wisconsin has taken liberties with the fund that is reserved for Medical Malpractice, it seems that Wisconsin like many other states in this Republic we have been having budget problems and today I heard about a lawsuit that the Doctors have filed against our State for taking money that is NOT government money.

The fund is paid into by the doctors of the State of Wisconsin, mind you they are not allowed not to pay into this, they must pay into this fund every year, and it is a part of their licensing for this State.

Now I have talked about Sue, formerly the employee of Koss, we know that she took money, the amount is in dispute, but the last known figure is over $3 million dollars, everyone that hears about her case is looking for a long sentence for her, mind you that her case is in the Federal Court System, so there is little to know about what will come of her sentence, but most persons I have talked to about this case are figuring that she will get 20+ years for her embezzlement from a private company.

Our Governor “borrowed” over $200 million dollars, it doesn’t matter that this man is not going to be in office much longer, he is pushing for a commuter train to “make jobs” when the train is not really needed, we have businesses running from this State due to the high taxes as well as being regulated to the hilt, what the Feds don’t do this governor does.

He is against our Attorney General filing for the Healthcare bill is unconstitutional, he raids money that is not his, and just in case you didn’t link to the story above he will pass this IOU to the next Governor in November, and if the Doctors win their lawsuit against the State we the taxpayers will have to pay the money back, probably with interest, and personally I hope the doctors win, but I wish that Governor Doyle be the one that has to dig into his pocket to pay this back, or at least that he is held responsible in some way for this.

He won’t, but it is a hope of mine, you know that Sue will be convicted, and her sentence will be a strong one, but the Governor has “borrowed” $200 million, which is a little over 66% more than she “borrowed” so why is she getting the book thrown at her? And the Governor is walking around a free man? Politics, pure and simple, our Budget is in shambles, like every state we have too much going out and not enough coming back in, this is nothing new, but it shores us up for a little while, and the numbers don’t lie, Wisconsin as bad as it is not looked at like California, and really if someone were to really look at his books, and use approved accounting methods, we would come out looking real similar to California, I think, I don’t know for sure but I can tell you that this is a standard practice for most Politicians.

This fund is not a Government run fund, it is a private fund that is paid into by Doctors to protect them from Malpractice lawsuits, so that they can be good doctors, and if something untoward should happen and Malpractice is proven they (victims) have assurance that they will be able to be paid.

Mind you this fund is in addition to the Medical Malpractice Insurance that all doctors also carry.

I urge you all to take off the glasses, no matter the State that you live in, the economy is tanking and to have any State to say they are ok, and goes forward like he has money to burn look closer, I think that all the Government books should be opened and examined by accountants that are in no way attached to the Government, and I do mean all books, all States, all Federal, if they tax they should be held accountable.

I would like to know where the money has gone, what businesses have prospered, who is too big to fail in our Country, personally I don’t think any business is too big to fail, I think that Ford had the right idea, they took a step back reorganized and is showing that they are stronger then they were before, they aren’t out of the woods yet, but they are doing what they need to do.

As always your comments are welcome, if you need help with Fraud Prevention in your business, please contact me via www.dlbandassociates.com you can email me directly through there as well.

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