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Federal Government in Private Business, is this a case of Fraud?

Good Morning to you all, it seems that the fraud that was below the surface is again rearing its head, I am not talking about the fraud that is in business, but the fraud that is alive and well in our Government offices.

Does it make any of you think that we have awakened in a place that we don’t know or don’t want to know? Can any one get a pair of ruby slipper’s? I keep clicking my heels and I am not waking up in the nation that I used to know.

Don’t get me wrong I still love my country, and I always will, but I worry about the direction that our elected officials are going in, they vote on bills that none or few of them read.

They passed a healthcare bill, that most the nation didn’t want, and the ones that did, really thought that they would get the free healthcare that they believed that the politicians were promising, now they are going after wall street, mind you this group of companies are probably the biggest louts in private industry, but they are private they do not belong to the US Government.

The ability of the President to take over a company is not within the scope of the job he has, he is suppose to be working on keeping our Nation safe, not delving into private businesses, not Wall Street, not GM aka Government Motors.

I believe he and the other elected officials and those that are appointed should really remember to make sure that their back yard is clear before throwing rocks at other people and businesses.

Goldman Sachs, is charged with fraud, and they will deal with the facts as the case may be, I don’t have them and I don’t claim to have them, but for the Feds to use the latest case to go after all of Wall Street, and to be able to say that a business is too big and to be able to break them up, I think that the Feds should look at the reality that they are again dealing with a LARGE part of our economy.

Much like Healthcare, this latest attempted take over of private business is outside the scope of what the Fed’s should be looking at.

The case is very simple, we have numerous businesses that are regulated beyond belief, my neighbor just had to change the way that she does business because of the Merchant regulations, and she is a small business, really to have the Feds getting into the private business reform is not something that needs to be looked at.

I hope that everyone looks at this, and calls their reps to make sure that they know we don’t want the Federal Government taking over anymore Private Businesses.

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