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Fraud and Sedition, Washington is full of both, and a LOT more

The news has been full of talk of sedition, and fraud.

So what do these words really mean?

Definitions of ‘fraud’

1. A deception deliberately practiced in order to secure unfair or unlawful gain.

2. a piece of trickery; a trick.

3. One that defrauds; a cheat.

4. One who assumes a false pose; an impostor.

Definitions of ‘sedition’

1. Conduct or language inciting rebellion against the authority of a state.

2. Insurrection; rebellion.

Ok so now that we know what the words mean, how is it that the Federal Government can seriously say they are not committing fraud?

How is that the talk show hosts can be pointed at as committing sedition? I have heard no words that are inciting a rebellion, or riots?

I have attended a tea party, nobody there was saying anything about rebelling the government, matter of fact most of us there were more interested in getting the government to hear us, same with the meetings against the healthcare bill.

Nobody is saying that we will do anything, matter of fact the conservatives I have heard have begged and pleaded that everyone keep a level head, and to be like Martin Luther King, to “peaceful resistance” is the way that will best be heard.

I remember seeing riots on the TV when I was a kid, and unlike Nancy Pelosi I am not going to say that the groups of today are anything like those progressive tree huggers from the 60’s matter of fact you would think that the people from the marches with Martin Luther King would recognize that we are attempting to raise the veil of complacency that our nation has been in.

We have been asleep for years believing that the politicians that are elected really do care about what we say, want or believe.

We have come a long way from neighbors being dependant on neighbors, and unfortunately we are really far from the days when people in a family would or could take care of others in their family.

Back when I was a kid, dang I always hated when my father would say that, but it is true, we as kids never really worried, we were raised that as long as we believed in the Nation it would always be there for our protection as long as we protected it.

Well we haven’t been very good stewards, cause really look at our country, you can not freely talk about the government, voice an opinion, and goodness knows that if we don’t talk then we are doomed to become the mindless sheep of the media, and Washington D.C. Politicians.

A few months ago my husband made a comment and I really didn’t believe it was as bad as he was saying, but after this weekends news stories of the sedition that is being committed by concerned citizens, just for bringing the truth forward as they see it, they are not lying, they are only bringing forth knowledge, we as people that have good common sense to weight and judge what it is they say, they challenge us not to be sheep but to open our eyes and look deeper than the last sound bite used in the nightly news.

For those of you that have had your dealings with the justice system, or know others that have, you now know what it is to be a felon.

As a Felon you have no say, you are scum, and expected to be mindless, do what you are told, eat when you are told, shower, and walk the way that the justice system tells you to.

Our Elected “leaders” are treating everyone of us as if we are their subjects, the mindless felon to do as we are told, don’t rock the boat, they are doing it all for our own good.

This is not what our Nation was founded on, we as a Nation are filled with people that know the difference, we have never dealt with this as a Nation, and it is a shock to most persons, those that have had probation, parole, or just been targeted by an arm of the law, either in court or just by the jerk police officer that lives in the neighborhood who hates everyone.

I have known these types of people they are on a power trip, well guess what folks so is Washington, and a lot of State Capitals that I have read about lately.

It seems as though the people we elected into office, they do not do what we ask, they do as they please, they treat us like the 6 yr old with a hot stove, they say don’t touch the fire, then they place our hand on the hot stove top to prove they know better. whether we the people are right or wrong it is not for the government officials to do what they feel, we put them in a position to lead and they use their position as power trip and not to do as they were elected to do, protect the constitution that they are sworn to uphold.

Why is it that the politicians are telling the CEO’s what they can make, but they are voting themselves pay raises, they don’t take a pay cut, when we are taxed more to cover the taxes they raise.

It seems as though we have 2 sets of rules, those of the common man to pay what they want when they want, but they can do anything they want, they can not pay taxes, when they write the tax code for the rest of us, but I bet they will find anyone that doesn’t pay their taxes.

When you use your free speech you are accused of sedition, and called racist, bigots, radicals, and fear mongers, they use the similar words and they are “protecting” us.

The Federal Government is really guilty of the biggest FRAUD ever to be perpetrated on the United States of America, it is racist to say we didn’t sign up for this, guess what I remember Richard Nixon, you know the guy ol’ tricky Dick himself, I remember him saying I am not a criminal, and he was the biggest crook to set foot in the Oval office, and because he was a middle aged white guy it wasn’t racism that made everyone call him a crook, he just was one.

President Obama and the Democratic party, and lots of Republicans did this too, so they are not in the clear either, we now Bow to other leaders, we are becoming a weak nation, laughed at by the world, they pollute all they want, and laugh as the fools in Washington call for Cap and Trade.

It is not racist to call them how you see them, and I think that Washington PD should raid the Offices of the Politicians that are not following what their constituents asked them to do and charge them with Fraud.

The Constitution has always been very clear, and those of you that have not read it lately, it may be a little boring but if you don’t know you wont know what rights you have that are slowly being taken away.

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