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Fraud and the downturn of the economy

Most people believe that the real problems of money are only related to the economy, but in reality that is an excuse that many people use to explain their actions.

But really it is an excuse, our society has so gotten hooked on the need for credit, and the need to keep up with the Jones’s we have lost the personal responsibility that comes with making our way with honest old fashioned hard work.

I know that there are a number of persons that pay attention to their credit score, but really what is that used for? It is a marker to prove that you are able to borrow money, but if your credit score isn’t good enough you may not be able to get that money.

Who established credit scores? The financial industries, banks, and other lenders.

How do you improve your credit score? You have to borrow money, and then pay the interest, and if you pay in a timely manner, you improve your credit score.

Does this look like anything else we have looked at before? Kind of a Ponzi scheme, you can not improve your credit score if you pay cash for everything, if you don’t take out a loan to buy a house or car.

Very few people in our nation are able to buy a house or car without taking out a loan, and if you don’t have money in the bank, or have a good credit rating you may rarely get a house or car.

If you look at the lending practices by most financial lenders they really have you in a catch 22, if you don’t have the money you cant borrow the money, and if  you have the money you don’t need to borrow they are loving to give you the money.

Years ago the lenders especially for houses were told they needed to loosen the standards by which they decided if a person could borrow money for a house, it was done because many who worked still could not borrow money for a house so they were able to borrow money with out having anything down, the same thing started to happen with cars as well.

This loosened lending practices really are the cause for the melt down of our economy, since the country is in debt and lost their jobs, or were downsized, this has caused a number of persons to lose their homes, and jobs.

The lure of the automakers to take the cars back if the customer were to lose their jobs without it affecting their credit score is a perfect example of how bad it had gotten.

Many people are turning to any job that they can get, many are turning down jobs cause they can make more on Unemployment, and this is not the progress this nation needs.

Nothing against the lenders, but they should go back to the old way of lending, if you don’t have a portion down on a car, or house you shouldn’t be able to buy big ticket items.

Does that mean that you can’t ever have a house? No it means you need to be personally responsible, you need to save the money to buy a house, or a car.

I know this sounds mean and spiteful, but really it is a call to be personally responsible for what you have in your life.

Pay off the debt you have, don’t take out money unless you are reasonably sure that you will be able to pay back the money.

I have heard that some employers are using the credit score of individuals to gauge how good of an employee you may be, maybe with my lack of a credit score I wouldn’t be a good employee, but if they are looking at my credit score they would have already had an interview with me and I would have already told them that I pay cash for most anything I buy.

There are companies out there that tell you that if you can only get a few persons to buy from your store, or buy your products like with other pyramid schemes, but really it is all a matter of getting someone to buy your products, like most any other merchant, I have attempted to get into a number of the above described make money while you sleep opportunities, but I never made any money at it, matter of fact I lost money every time.

I know that it can’t be as easy as the people that were above me said it was, I have never made money, and nobody has banged on my door to be able to give me their money.

Is it because I am not able to sell? Nope, made good money working in a furniture store, so why didn’t I make the money that they promised? Because I have a problem with selling something that someone really doesn’t need.

Like everyone else in this economy I am looking at ways to make and save money, I buy my groceries at Aldi’s, I always look for bargains, even when I looked at getting my laptop, I went to a rebuild store, it has every thing I needed on it loaded already, and I didn’t pay even ¼ as much as a brand new with all the bells and whistles, really does anyone really need any of the latest things? No.

Our society has bought into the need to keep up with someone that has more than they do, but you only need to be able to keep a roof over your head, food in your belly, and clothes on your back.

All else will be provided for you, if you believe that there is a higher power (God) and believe that he will bestow onto you all your other needs.

By forcing and using the excuses that you NEED something you are only kidding yourself, and I can tell you that the person selling you the things you don’t need are laughing because they know you didn’t really need that thing either.

As always I welcome your comments, if you would like to contact me directly please email me at www.dlbandassociates.com

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