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Israel is attacked and the World turns their Backs

You all seem to know me pretty well, you have heard me being upset with the main stream media, as well as the current administration, I don’t care if you are a republican or democrat.

I find myself living in a country that I really don’t seem to know anymore.

I stated to my husband the other day that I really feel for the Jewish people, no matter where they are, but really feel for those that are in Israel.

This community has been targets for many in the past, but it seems that it is again/still happening, and we all have really turned our backs on them. I have been raised Christian, and unless I am wrong on my history, Christianity does have some roots with the Jewish people.

Remember that Jesus was a Jew, as was Moses.

This last week a “flotilla” fancy name for a bunch of boats with terrorists attempting to get into Gaza, an area that has and will surely be a hot bed of fighting for years to come, the United States has been in the past one the strongest supports of Israel, and their right to have their land.

To have people out there mostly in the media and even in our political parties saying that we should condemn them for protecting their own land.

Please remember that for years our nation stood by and allowed Hitler to exterminate the Jewish people, with out there being a strong “reason” to get involved, to not send our young men and boys to fight on a foreign soil.

While our nation waited men, women & children were being killed because they were corrupt and not of the Aryan nation, they were considered dirty by Hitler.

Now I am hearing that there are American citizens that are a part of the group called “free Gaza”.

If the boats were really for peaceful reasons why would they not go into the Israel port that they were told to so that it could be off loaded?

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