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Why I support Israel to defend themselves

With all that is happening in the nation these days, I am compelled to write the things that I really think that all persons should be looking for making a difference.

I know that there are a few things going on out there, and really we all have to do what we need to do to be sure that our families are taken care of.

With the oil spill in the gulf and everything else going on in the world.

The way to be sure that we as a nation stand together is to tell the world that we don’t believe the media as well as the UN with the idea of a nation being attacked.

Can I remind anyone of September 11, 2001? Do you remember that we went to war against a country because they had weapons of mass destruction, and were suspected of being involved with the attack on OUR NATION.

The Israeli Defense were not  defending their NATION, really I think it is funny that the “bad” guys were making their wills and talking of martyrdom for Allah.

So if they were not a peaceful mission what was the flotilla doing? Some have said that they had weapons on there ship, ok I think this shows that the State of Israel was well within their rights so why has the world with the US decided that they are guilty of anything that we wouldn’t do.

I really think that this whole thing has more to do with the world being against the Jewish State, considering the fact you can not go to the Temple Mount unless you are Muslim, why is that? Because the Muslims have proven that they will KILL to keep that a Muslim stronghold, even though it is in the heart of Jerusalem.

How is it that our President has yet to visit our friend in the Middle East? Yet he has visited all the people that hate us, and believe that we are all infidels really? These are the people you want to hang out with?

I don’t care if he was raised by radicals, I don’t care that his religious background is Muslim, but if you are going to cater to the Muslims in the world, then you need to be honest with the American people.

I guess maybe a portion of my guilt I have is because I am of German decent on my fathers side, and really I think that I have been taught that I should feel guilty because of what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people, but really I need to point out that the German people did not do this to the Jewish people, the Nazi’s did.

Thus I as a German should feel no guilt, but this is what I was taught as a child. As a nation I would believe that the US since they helped develop the Nation of Israel after WWII you would think our Nation would help them by at least saying they have the right of Self Determination, and Self Preservation.

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