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How do you Budget your money?

How do you budget your household income? What number do you use? Do you use your gross income or net to figure out what you have coming in?

Our Nation doesn’t seem to know how to budget the money they have, I hear that when they come back into session that the Democrats want to pass another stimulus type bill to pump more money into our economy.

When you don’t have the money and you have to keep going back to the bank to keep your obligations intact sooner or later the bank won’t give you anymore money, because you are a bad risk.

You can not have more money going out than you have coming in so the bill collector doesn’t come to the door.

But the feds do this ALL the time, now we have unsustainable debt per the CBO, no shit Sherlock what was your first clue, where did these guys get their CPA license? Personally I think the Cracker Jack box.

Where are they going to get the money for this money? I don’t know maybe the feds will again attempt to go after Medicare & Social Security… Oops their both broke too; guess that means they need to find more money again.

Watch out America the feds are looking to give away more money that means they need more from your wallets, bank accounts and anywhere else they can take the money from.

As always your comments are welcome.

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