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Free market system vs. government run slavery

Really the above sentence is the truth of the system that the government has our Nation on, has anyone seen that Greece government bonds were downgraded to be at the junk status on Monday?

Really that is the road that we are on, as the real economy is in a recession, and believe me people we are still in a recession, and we are really heading towards slavery to the government of the United States, we have the government run healthcare, mind you this is not up and running yet, but then again you will have the “man” telling you will have to pay if you don’t have healthcare either provided by the government or private insurance and there are going to be more insurance companies closing their doors cause the free market system is quietly going away.

The people in charge are working really hard to be sure that you don’t realize what is happening, for years I have really been not giving credit to the person that needs the credit for the realistic view I have on the world and our Nation today.

I don’t even remember the name of the teacher that I had in McFarland High School, but he said it was important that we read Animal Farm, and to read the road to serfdom by Hayak. But I owe him a Thank you, and I really am bad because I can not even tell you his name, but I remember his class and thinking “there is no way our Nation would be like those books” I was wrong, he attempted to teach us that the Nation was changing.

As the recession lasts longer and longer anyone that is watching the news see’s that fraud is abounding, in our Nation, in our Government, and also private citizens, those that don’t have enough, real or perceived are looking to get ahead, to get more than the others.

Ever see the shirt “he who dies with the most toys wins” that is how our society is getting, our own President is looking to kick A$$, looking to take over the businesses that don’t go along with what they want.

The Government is looking to take over because they are losing control, and they know it, they are running scared, and look out cause while you are looking towards November to oust these men and women that believe they need to transform this Country.

As they look at they want to make sure that the banks are reformed, that the utility companies will raise the prices for the energy that you use, the President didn’t say our prices would go down, he stated that they would necessarily go up, and yet he is still voted in because the people that backed him, the unions, and others that wanted the President, in so he could make the changes that needed to be made.

Everyone that lived through the “peace” movement should remember the bombing’s that happened in the name of “peace” the people in charge believe that “freedom happens at the use of a barrel of a gun”

The people in charge are using what ever they can to change and transform the country that all of us believe is important.

If you don’t believe the things that I have talked about and the things that are coming unless we as a Nation stop them, don’t wait until November, make sure you contact the representatives you currently have as well make them accountable for the cap and trade that they are trying to pass in Washington.

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