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What warrants as not paying attention to what’s important?

I have heard a great deal about the CEO from BP spending the day on a sailboat this last weekend, I would like to pose the above question to everyone?

I understand and agree that the tragedy in the gulf is exactly that, but really, are we looking at this man spending time with his Son as a really big deal?

If you answered yes I can only say this one thing to you, are you a hypocrite? Our president didn’t appear to realize we had an emergency in the gulf for nearly 2 months to say or do anything, in the same time he has not missed his weekly golf outings, and actually it has usually been more than once a week from all accounts, but really Our President golf’s and it is no big deal and this executive is badgered by the press and others for saying he wanted his private life back? And spending a day on a sailboat?

Can you honestly say that if you were the CEO of BP you wouldn’t want your life before this disaster back?

If you say No you are either a fool or a liar, your choice as to which, but I can honestly say that if I were in his shoes I would be wishing that I could go back in history and stop it from happening in the first place, and go back to a pretty easy life, before the accident.

Please remember, this was an accident, nobody especially BP would have planned or wanted this accident to happen.

They as much as anyone would like to not have a 6 month moratorium on the industry, and they would gladly go back in time and change the events that caused this to happen, just like everyone else wishes they could, and anyone that knew that this was going to happen should be investigated for malice, I don’t know if this happening on earth day was a coincidence, or not but I don’t know what happened and if I knew how to clean it up I would call BP.

I don’t believe that our Federal Government can “handle” the emergency; I believe that the States as well as BP have been attempting to get it cleaned up, and the Federal Government has done more standing in the way than helping for this entire tragedy.

If they were looking to help they would have lifted the moratorium to put the people back to work, they would have allowed the other ships and countries to help when it was offered, and they would have gotten out of the way for this mess to get cleaned up.

Instead they have stood in the way for getting the help to clean up the mess, and have been clear that they want only to make BP and the oil industry pay for an ACCIDENT that they all wish had never happened.

As always your comments are welcome, please remember that any offensive comments will not be approved; I support your right in healthy debate, not the attack of individuals in what they say or believe.

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