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Land of Immigrants, not Illegal Aliens (persons) not extra terrestrials


Personally I am sick and tired of the crying in the main stream media, and the progressives, lefts, and anyone else that believes that the laws in AZ are wrong, immoral, or illegal.

Has anyone really looked at our economy? I mean really looked at it, how about the statistic that the biggest export this country has is the money that is being sent back to Mexico for their relatives, that is right for the money that we pay for their healthcare, we allow them yes even the illegal’s to have welfare. In case anyone didn’t realize it, we pay our tax dollars for the public good and the welfare that so many have been receiving.

So we are just a bunch of bigots, racist, all around just mean people? I don’t think so, I think this is a case of people being told that they are no longer welcome at the free trough of public money, free healthcare, and anchor babies, yes I said the words, anchor babies.

I firmly believe that if the parents are not legal, and by either accident or planning the child is born in the US of A, they are all illegal, I know that isn’t how our laws are written, but do you realize where that stemmed from? The law for a naturalized citizen was born of:

The Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sandford held that no black, not even a freed black, could be considered a citizen. The purpose of the 14th Amendment was to repeal the Dred Scott decision, grant full citizenship to all blacks and to elevate citizenship from a state to a national determination.

This was for making Blacks citizens of this Nation, not so that citizens from another country could come and thwart our laws to create anchor babies for them to stay in this country legally, and when we say they have to leave we are suppose to be heartless people because we say these children are not citizens, the parents are not members of our Armed Services, they are not citizens of our country, but they wanted our protection, they want our healthcare, they want our public dollars for THEIR welfare.

I have heard about the immigration speech the President made this week, that we are a Nation of Immigrants, ok, most people are, I can happily say I am a part of the Nation that was here before this land was invaded by “outsiders” but I digress, this Nation is a land of immigrants, but most of them entered legally, learned the language, and took an oath to this Nation, and to rescind any allegiance to their land of origin.

We have as a Nation treated our own citizens poorly at times of war, Our Nation has interned legal citizens because of risk to national security, yes I am talking about the Japanese Americans during WWII, Germans were looked at as all being Nazi’s or having allegiance to Germany, even though they were legal American Citizens.

The Mexicans that want to wave the Mexican flag, only speak their native tongue, and to have us learn their language so they can feel more comfortable, I say this, NO!!!

My German relatives spoke German on the farm or when around other Germans, or when they wanted to talk and not let us kids know what they were talking about. They spoke English everyday to everyone else, they did not expect anyone to learn their native tongue, the same with the Irish immigrants, actually with almost every immigrant to this country, and they have assimilated. The people that come to this country want to better themselves their families, ok. Do it the right way and become an immigrant, go through the process of becoming a legal resident, or even to become a legal citizen.

If you come here in any other way, you are committing a crime, you are illegal, and you can go home to your country, attempt to repair your corrupt government, get rid of the drug cartels from your country, take all the rotten things you bring with you back when you leave.

As for the employers that knowingly employ illegal’s because they can make a larger profit, you should be jailed, and fined, no that wouldn’t help the unemployment levels of your workforce, and it possibly could hurt our economic recovery, but since you are employing illegal’s to make a buck and deprive legal citizens of a job, your kind of business is not needed.

When the Justice for this Country comes looking for persons to prosecute, the first place they should go is the employers that are hiring the persons that are illegal, yes I know that means that there are a good amount of people that may hire an illegal just because they are cheap labor, but can we really afford anymore cheap labor?

I have heard the argument that nobody would work the jobs if they fired all the illegal’s, really? Is that argument still being used? I have heard it, but sooner or later the employers as well as the potential employees will realize that maybe having something is better than nothing.

I remember as a kid my first job was to de-tassel corn, I can tell you it wasn’t the best money I have ever made, and it is NOT an easy job, especially being a rather short person, I did a LOT of jumping to get some of those tassel’s, now that work is usually done by day laborer’s, do those farmers realize that the kids that no longer make money with them can’t get jobs at other places? Do they care? I don’t know the answers to all of the questions; if I did I wouldn’t pose the questions.

July Fourth is our Countries Day of Independence, please celebrate responsibly, and don’t forget to thank our Veterans for our Freedoms, while we still have them.

  1. July 4, 2010 at 10:05 am

    Thank you, feel free to comment in the regards to the state of the Nation as well.

  1. July 3, 2010 at 6:14 am

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