I have been keeping silent, ok silent is not the word that I have been, but I have not put to “paper” the things I have been thinking, and I really think most of the nation, or at least 60 some percent of the nation is thinking the way I am.

Today the Federal Government has a “win” in their column, if they can really think it is a win they really have lost touch with reality and this Nation as a whole.

The law that was struck down in AZ today was anything besides a win; I heard that a Senator said that the 61% of the nation that agreed with the AZ law were at least in part racist.

I will admit I personally see there is a great line that is being marked in the sand by this administration, they have shown that they will tolerate the new Black Panthers being racist, wanting to kill some white babies, and intimidating voters, but if the citizens of one of the States in this Union takes a stand to get the Federal Government such that it is now, to secure our borders, and eject the people that have broken the law by coming in like the thieves in the night that they are.

I will admit I saw the footage of the almost mass exodus from the State of Arizona, by these same illegal’s that the State was attempting to get rid of.

How can Our Nation allow these people to come into our country, get free food, free medical care, and access to help that many of the people of this Nation can not have access to these same services? We have borrowed money from China to pay for all the things our government needs, and we throw the money at problems that could very easily solved when it comes to the illegals: Send them packing, every last one, I don’t care what country you come from, if you don’t have a legal right to be here GO HOME!!

Does anyone besides me realize how much money the illegal’s from south of the border, actually accounts for nearly 40% of money coming into Mexico?

Why do we allow this? Because of votes, that is the real reason, the Democrats want to grant amnesty, for the votes, the Republicans wont stop them since they can use the votes too, we all need to remember this come November, we don’t need amnesty, we don’t need watered down laws, we need to enforce the laws, close the borders, and change the anchor baby regulations, you can only be a legal resident if one of your parents is already a legal resident.

I hope the AZ people as well as the Feds that hear the appeal look at this realistically this is only the same as the law has been in the past, if you are illegal then you should fear getting pulled over or breaking other laws once you are here, cause we should be able to sleep soundly and know that our borders are secure.

I have heard talk of putting snipers on the border, I would volunteer for that job, I am not talking about shooting to kill, but how many people would dare to attempt to come back across that border if we started taking pot shots at them?

I would venture to say that people would say that is radical and they could be right, but as much as we have soldiers in other countries putting their lives on the line for our rights, we as a nation should be just as responsible for our own borders.

If you look at the fraud that could be prevented just by getting rid of the illegal aliens this is a no brainer, then again from the looks of Washington you could put them all together and come up with fewer brains than the scarecrow was awarded from the Wizard of OZ, again remember pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

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