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Where were you when the State Representatives were pushing for this law?

I have read comments by many in the last week in regards to the Department of Education bringing the Native American Logo law to the front; I have a question for you?

Where were you when the State Representatives were pushing for this law?

I can tell you where I was, I was in attendance to speak against the law, not that I was allowed to speak, the Democrats in power only allowed a few people to testify against the law, and of those they were primarily white, again the race card was played in full for the hearings.

I know that there were many Natives that were there to speak for this law, I personally am a Native that was against this law, I believe that the use of Native American logos, of tasteful use is an honor to our ancestors.

I was against the cartoon character that was the Milton Mascot for years, but the chief being shown in full headdress is nothing of an insult.

Very few in our State spoke out against the law, I think they really thought it would be struck down, well it wasn’t, as for the naming for the towns, as well as cities in this State that are of a Native history they were not included in the law.

I heard at the hearing about a woman that is my age or there about, speaking of the hateful things that were said to her as a child, I fought the urge to say, “you need thicker skin” our ancestors did not survive trails of tears and almost decimation of different tribes, to become cry babies now.

I wish a LOT more of you that are now speaking out had found the time to write the State representatives to voice your dislike of this law when it would have done some good, now we have the law, and the schools that have the Native American Logo’s will soon be looking at other people writing complaints about their logo’s.

This country is turning into a bunch of whiners, when you have the opportunity to make a difference you cant be bothered, but now that it is coming home to roost, and you don’t like it, too bad, those of us that did speak against the law took a LOT of criticism from a LOT of people, both Native and non-Native, but I will tell you I feel this law is unjust for everyone, Natives and non-Natives alike, my sons learned about their heritage from me, not some book, now most children will no longer have a pride about the Native Logo that they grew up with, most schools that have Native Logos have some Native classes during their history class, or other means, where the children without that influence will have a glancing history of a Nation of People that cherished this land long before the White Man came to visit, and didn’t leave, just like a feral cat, comes to dinner, doesn’t leave and gives you fleas.

I feel for you school districts that are having to deal with this, but you were warned by many before the law was voted on, you chose to ignore our warnings.

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