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Reverse racism? I don’t think so.

I would not be so dense as to tell you that there is no racism in the Nation, I know it is alive and well.

 Today a jury found a former Governor guilty on one count out of 23 for being a dirty lying politician, yes I am talking about Rob Blagojevich.

 Some say (mostly Blago and fans) he was “that he was a victim of persecution by the federal government.”.

 I have heard the comments that if he was a common man he would have been convicted, probably true, other comments were if he had been a black man, he would have been convicted for sure.

 I know that racism is a broad term to use, I don’t see this as a racist thing, personally if I was the judge I would be checking the bank accounts of the one juror that was the hold out all the way through the trial and deliberations, this juror has been holding out for 14 days, and didn’t see what others saw, if she/he doesn’t have any extra deposits check the family.

 I am not saying that he was guilty or innocent, but I also do not believe that this was racism, or reverse racism, I think that the DOJ not taking the “new black panthers” to trial for voter intimidation was reverse racism, if a group calling themselves the New white panthers had worn commando gear, holding sticks and screaming/yelling slurs at voters they would have been fried, and sitting in a Federal Prison until it happened.

 The race card is being used to describe anything that “could” even hint at racism, if your against the President, your racist, if you believe that AZ has a right to enact laws to protect their borders, you’re a racist.

 It almost like the Redneck jokes from years ago, except some people that are really truly honest hard working Americans are being called Racist only for believing that they have a right to their opinion, I don’t ever remember anyone saying you were a racist if you believed that Clinton had sexual relations with that girl, before it was found out that he did have relations with that girl.

 It is our right as Americans to still have an opinion, and really this Nation has become a nation of too much PC, and I don’t mean computers.

 If you believe that marriage is between a man and a woman, then fine, unless you are going out and gay bashing you can have that belief, if you believe that you should legally be a citizen of the USA to work in the USA, and as long as you are not killing, beating or in other ways breaking our laws, you can have that belief, you are not a racist, I don’t care how many of the lefties say you are a bad person for having your beliefs you still have the right to have an opinion.

Last I checked there are no thought police, yet, until then we can debate all we want about who or what is right, but as long as nobody breaks the law you can still have an opinion, and I will continue to have my thoughts, and my beliefs.

As long as we have a Constitution we as the Nation have certain ineliable rights, endowed by our creator, and I for one will continue to believe in those rights.

 Remember if you dont like what is happening to our Nation you have a right to Vote, do so, otherwise you have no reason to complain about what is happening in this Nation.

I believe that our Nation is great, and was found on very sound ideals, we are a Nation of different creeds, colors and religions, not everyone is the same, that would be boring, but as long as we respect each others differences, and let each have their beliefs, as long as they are not harming others, then I say let them celebrate their differences.

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