Finally the SEC is involved

In today’s there is an article that looks at the Koss Embezzlement case in Milwaukee WI. SEC accuses Sachdeva, assistant of fraud.

I have read enough about this case, and really the comment about the company not having to have an external source performing an internal audit, if that is the case I have a question why in earlier articles was the fired from doing their external audit? Why were they “thrown under the bus” when it is evident from the things that have been printed that this was more than one person taking the money?

Granted Sachdeva was the larger winner in this all for the length of time she was an employee and in charge of the money.

Why the sentencing was postponed I really do not know, her time should have begun already, but really when the comments and even the courts talk about repayment of the money that she has taken they and she really has no clue.

I can tell you all that re-payment of the money through restitution of that amount will never be paid and her husband can not be made to pay her restitution even though he benefitted from her actions, they were her actions and she will have to be responsible for them.

She will not ever be able to get a job making more than minimum Wage, and more than likely she will not be able to find a job at all after her time in prison.

Few convicts in WI are able to reintegrate back into society, they rarely are given a second chance, most people that have committed crimes in WI unless they are of course in public service, are not invited back to prove themselves as productive parts of society.

Every crime has 3 elements to it, means, motivation, and opportunity. She obviously was afforded all 3 by the executives at Koss, and she found rationalization somehow that she needed that money.

Soon she will have to enter the prison and no swift talking attorney will be there to keep her out of trouble and she will do time, and her husband sooner or later will more than likely divorce her and she will be released into a society that will have no use for her, and she will still have the money to pay back.

As always your comments are welcome.

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