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What has this day come to mean?

Today is September 11th, Today is the 9 year anniversary for the most horrific act of terrorism on United States soil since Pearl Harbor.

What has this day come to mean to many of this country, it has been co-opted by many on both sides to be a day of rememberance but with their own twisted ideas of how this day should be remembered, if you like many of this nation decide to take a few moments to remember those that lost their lives today, that would be acceptable.

I heard the sister of a victim today say that today shouldn’t be a day to celebrate, well it is listed on the calendar as “patriot day” how did this get added? Probably like most days this nation has on the calendar, it ends up with it being a day that is remembered but not really something to change your routine.

I remember this day as a shock, I saw it on the T.V that morning 9 years ago today, I will remember this for the rest of my life I remember looking at the T.V and thinking that it was too bad about the plane hitting the first trade center building, and I was thinking it was a horrible accident, and I saw the other plane turning, I remember the first thought at first I thought it was a plane that was circling to see the damage, but then I realized it was too big, and it was a passenger plane, it was coming in and in that split second I knew that it was aiming for the other building, I knew without a doubt this was a planned attack.

I believe that this is similar to the people in Hawaii that day in History, we didn’t have TV like today, the radio was the key way of getting information, I know that they has to know in their gut like I did that our lives were about to change, and it was a day of fear.

9 years later I believe that we have moved away from the fear, and when I am able to on the 12th I will complete this posting, since I truly believe that the co-opting will continue through the 12th.

Good Morning, I have had a mostly sleepless night, funny I saw a few things on TV about the attacks, but there is not the same amount of swelling pride of who we are as a Nation, I heard the President, and First Lady speaking at their respective places in the Nation, as usual they didn’t move me to believe that they have any swelling pride in their Nation or its populace.

9 years ago we as a Nation prayed, gave blood, and attempted to help our fellow man.

This year, so far the news stations are talking about Tea Party and 9/12 rallies, but really what do these rallies stand for? Do they stand for a populace that was willing to give blood just for the thought of being able to help a faceless and nameless neighbor?

I have read the reports for the Tea Party Rally in Racine yesterday, and really the worst they do is call them racist, really? Is that all you have?

The Tea Party is not a fringe, it really is a movement of grassroots, it may not be like Acorn and the other sanctioned groups that move this Nation, but this movement is more capable than many even know.

The people that I know that are members of the Tea Party are not racist, homophobe’s or anything other than conservative members of this Nation that are tired of being taxed to pay for everything for those that don’t have.

I heard about this policy in WI that if you have Badger Care, you can get a FREE cell phone with 250 free minutes, it is suppose to be a life line for those that don’t have, but can I point something out here? We pay for this with our Tax dollars, last time I read the constitution it didn’t say a single word about Free cell phones being a right, you have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, nothing about you having to be happy, or to be able to get something for nothing.

You can pursue happiness, doesn’t mean you get it just to pursue it and trust me it alludes many, but many have figured it out, I would like to add my name to the list of people that have figured at least a part of it out.

Happiness is not something you get from without, you get it from within, if you can honestly go to bed and say “ I have done the best I can for myself and others today” you have achieved the goal.

For years I believed that to be happy and to be a success I had to have lots of money and no worries, well I have learned that is not the fact, on September 12th 2001, I went to a church and prayed, I gave blood, and I gave of myself, not for personal gain but to perhaps help those that had been on the front lines of the attack.

Do I know that the blood I gave never made it out of the State of WI, yup, but I was doing my part for what I could.

I know now that the pursuit of happiness that so many attempt to find is really there, all you have to do is look within, my happiness is not and cannot be dependant on my fellow man, the haves that give to the have not’s without expectation of a return on that investment are the ones that have learned the lessons for life.

I know that we as a Nation are full of people that do not want to HAVE to pay for those that choose not to work, or can not make enough for helping themselves out of poverty, but to hand a person something without some return is the true definition of insanity.

We have tried this before to give to those that have not, most have learned that the old adage of give a fish feed for a day, teach to fish and you feed for a lifetime, this is a basic, we as a Nation do not produce, we consume, we do not go out and attempt to change the things that are wrong with our areas we are content to put up with the things that our Nation has become.

That is the true meaning of what the Tea Party stands for, the basic’s of you take care of your own, then see what you can do for others, you do not expect help from outside your family, and self dependence that is who we have always been as a Nation until we had Progressive Politicians that believed that we needed to “help those without”

When you look to the government to supply you with your life you have just made yourself a slave to the politicians, and they know this, it is how so many have been able to stay in power, because nobody wants to loose their gravy train.

For those that lost love ones on September 11th, 2001, and the soldiers and their families that have defending our country against the terrorists, Thank You, and my prayers go out to you.

It is too bad that so many have attempted to hijack our day of mourning. 

As always your comments are welcome.

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