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Indian Mascots, in a State that uses an Indian word for the name, oxymoron anyone?

There is another case in WI of a School having to give up its Mascot and school nickname.

 I was involved with the State of WI attempting to implement this regulation, and I was on the opposing side, I was not given my time to speak, I did give what I wanted to be added into the record to my representative, Samantha Kerkman, I was asked by her if I would go to Madison as a conservative Native American to speak on the other side of this coin.

 I will tell you the basis of this regulation; we have Native American’s that would prefer to use their heritage as a crying point instead of a teaching opportunity.

 I can tell you as a Native American I know more about my heritage than most others of a similar heritage, I do not receive any government money, so I am not seen as a True Native by their determination.

 They wanted in this hearing to show how Bad it was, all the native children that were hurt by the use of the Mascots in the schools around WI, when they wrote this regulation they stated that “one person need only make a complaint that a mascot is offensive, with the DPI, and the school will be given the opportunity to change their school mascot and names”

 There is nothing in this regulation to help the schools to change the names, this will be at the expensive of the district, let me point out the same thing I attempted to say to our elected officials, “this will put an undue expense on communities, where most are not offensive in appearance nor in the way that they pay tribute to the heritage of the Native people of this State or of this nation.”

 This regulation and authority was given to the DPI because they would be most able to take care of the potential complaints, now we have another district that is being told that they need to remove their mascot or pay the penalty, I think it is rather funny that the person that helped the young man to file his complaint was also involved in the hearing as well, matter of fact she spoke for over 20 minutes, agreeing with the Democrats that wanted this regulation she has spoken out regarding this latest cases; Barb Munson, chairwoman of the Wisconsin Indian Education Association’s Indian Mascot and Logo Taskforce, praised Friday’s decision.

 Why is it that a person that is in charge of this taskforce was so in favor of this regulation, well I guess I would maybe be favor of something if I was going to get a paycheck out of it, NOPE I would not change my views of this, I believe that the State has given too much to the DPI already in the form of giving more money than they should have to have to run something that really does nothing for our children other than make the teachers unions too powerful, and to have them say what our children will learn, and of course it will be with their progressive agenda.

 I have seen some of the things that my sons have brought home from school, ok, I understand that they want to gloss over the things that are not that important, but I think it is more important for my children to learn about their own country BEFORE they have to learn about the other countries, as well I think that they should know the real history, not the gloss over view.

 My son had to explain to his American History class during a presentation that the Native Americans did NOT start the scalping, it was the white settlers that were paid for every scalp they would turn in, the Native’s just took it to a higher level, and scalps had no value in Native History prior to the settlers.

 The woman that is in charge of the taskforce asked me to change my viewpoint, there are fewer students and Native Americans that see the use of the Native Names or Mascots as an insult, when we have children that have problems with learning, being able to know that they have a future, and we saddle the Schools with another thing to worry about.

 Now the Democrats that voted for the Assembly and Senate members that voted for this regulation should really anti up the money for the Districts to pay for the name changes, or better yet since the Native’s feel this is so offensive they can pay for the name change expenses, letterhead, and all.

 As always your comments are welcome, if you are of Native Decent, please do not waste yours or my time with attempting to get me to change my view of this regulation and the waste of money this regulation poses for the school districts, and the students of the schools in Wisconsin.

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