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The human link…..

 We all remember when we knew our neighbors; all the neighbors knew who belonged to whom.

This really has a lot to do with personal experiences, as well our personal responsibility.

I am just as guilty as the next person of not taking time to notice things around me, I was at Kwik Trip the other morning and watched a young “professional” ok I’ll just say it, a yuppie push past another person because they were too slow for him; I am not sure if the professional noticed that the person he pushed passed was wearing a special Olympics jacket, or if he was in too big of a rush to get into his flashy car, mind you the car was only 5 – 7 feet away from where he pushed passed the other man.

The special Olympian never said a word; he just stopped to let this other man pass him.

How many times have you or I passed by someone and not given a thought to who we are passing or why we are in such a rush to get where? Our jobs? School?

I have noticed this Special Olympian walking before towards the industrial park just down from Kwik Trip, but I do not know where he is going, if he is heading to his job.

Our children come home most times to empty homes to fill that time with eating, playing video games, watching TV. Our Children need to learn how to use their minds again, unplug the games, have an afternoon of playing a board game, go to a park or just spend time with them, teach them with your experience, but you can learn from them as well, listen to them, remember from the mouth of Babes comes miracles.

What does that teach our children? That this is all ok, it is ok to while away your time eating and not bettering them.

We as a Nation have come so far from what we grew up with, or have we?

We would have to go back 2 generations to get back to when children would come home to a mother, they would sit down eat a snack, and do their homework.

I remember being a latch key kid, I was lucky I had a very strong father that believed that I needed to have something to do when I got home, so I had chores, and somehow my Dad would know every time I didn’t do what I was suppose to.

Now our children come home to nothing but their own means, I am not saying that we should stay home and live off of the system, what I am saying is that we as parents need to take responsibility for our children and how they grow up.

Are they going places and seeing people that we don’t approve of? Or are they attempting to better themselves by being active in the community, or helping others with the skills that they have?

I am not saying I am a perfect mother, I have made too many mistakes to even attempt that title, but I can say I tried, everyday. Many Parents today try, I am not saying that you need to be a helicopter parent and not allow your children some freedom to grow into the people they will become.

I am saying that we as parents need to be mindful of the children we show what they learn, we are responsible to show them the proper things in life, to live their lives honorably, with truth in what we do, and to teach them to never judge a book by its cover.

I know that my sons know that they will be responsible for their actions, society should make them responsible, but there is no promise that it will, there are people out in society today that do not pay the consequences for what they do to others.

We have a Nation that tells us as parents that we can not discipline our children, it may hurt their physic, what ever, I truly believe that God put that padding on their butts for something besides falling on.

We have to show our children we love them by giving them parameters, we need them to know that they can not due certain things.

We have people saying that we need to believe in what the Powers that Be say about how to raise our children, that we need to let them believe in global warming, that we as humans have control over this world, sorry I don’t believe we have that much power, God was smart when he started handing out powers, he kept those for himself.

I remember that we had the 10 commandments; I don’t remember that the commandments were only for a few people, it is GODS LAW!

I know that there are people out there that think the only thing that is important is what you can do to better your life, ok, that is part of what makes us up, but what about what you can do for your fellow man?

Have you offered to help someone with your time or money in the last week? Month? Ok how about a year? Can you remember the last time you stopped long enough to help another.

You are responsible for more than just yourself, you are responsible for your family, I heard a phrase “God, Family and Country” I grew up with that belief, yes even a latch key kid learned that you always have God, no matter what you do he will always love and listen, your family is usually there, and your country is not your master, in the case of the USA, we are the master of our Country, not the Democrats, not the Republicans, not any political parties, we as citizens of this country owe it to our children as well as our neighbors to educate ourselves on what is really going on in our Nation.

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