Taking back our State, in an orderly fashion

I have avoided writing about the whole fiasco call Wisconsin Politics for the last 2 weeks, more for personal reasons than anything other than that.

            I have friends and family that will be affected by the bill that is going to be signed into law in Wisconsin.

The “Fab 14” Are nothing but children that are pouting in IL. Yes that is my personal opinion, but since one of those Senators is my representative, let me take this moment to tell Sen. Wirch, “Get out of IL, get back to Madison and do your job you are paid VERY well to do” They have taken 2 weeks of our time to have this bill be read and gone through by the voters, as well as the Unions.

I am personally really tired of the whining by so many that taking their collective bargaining away is against their “rights” FYI check the constitution, State and Federal, neither of them make your collective bargaining a right, and honestly to be able to truly collectively bargain both sides need to have something to offer, with a State that is truly BROKE, what exactly are we suppose to come to the table with? IOU’s? Are we in California now?

Those of you that are talking heads for Unions, I would urge you to read the bill, and realize the reason that the Unions are so AGAINST this bill is because they are releasing you from the grip of the Unions, they are allowing you to pay for your Union dues on your own, if you believe in the Union so much I don’t see that you would have a problem with lining their pockets, if you would prefer to use that money to pay for a portion of your own healthcare as well as pay into your pension, that is your choice.

For those of you that are still drinking the kool-aid, let me spell it out for you, if you DON’T pay your Union dues who is hurt? Is your family hurt? No? Ok so who is being hurt? IF THE UNION DUES ARE NOT PAID FOR DIRECTLY BY THE STATE FOR YOU, THEY KNOW MOST OF YOU WILL NOT PAY THEM, HENCE THE UNION IS HURT!!!!!!

Now that you are a little closer to the way that most everyone else is seeing this, I would hope that you understand that I was in a Union, when we took a grievance to the Union we were told we were not entitled to pay for the grievance, FYI it was decided in COURT that we were due pay and the company is having to pay us, plus interest.

So telling everyone that the Union is the reason that we have good working conditions in the private sector, preach to the choir, those of us that have not been helped by the Union when we were a part of the Union.

Unions did have their day and time, before we had OSHA, Civil Service Protection, and a myriad of other agencies that protect workers rights.

I am sure that there are still industries that need the Unions to protect them, but unless the Civil Servants are being asked to go into dangerous mines to perform there jobs, I don’t see that the Unions are serving any purpose except to line their pockets with your money for no real results.

As for President Obama, Sir you have more important things to worry about than what our State is doing. Your involvement with SEIU is suspect to begin with don’t make it worse with your urging our Governor to do what’s right, he is doing what is right, he is doing what we told him to do, clean up our State, and allow us to get rid of the debt that our State is in.

For those of you from other States that have been picketing our Capital, you can go home now, fix your own States, for those of you that have jobs I suggest you get back to them, those of you that are a member of other Unions that are picketing for your $10 a day for “solidarity” if your job is not in jeopardy you have no business messing with others that are looking to attempt to save their jobs.

Everything that the Governor has said what he would do, now the Senators are saying that they will not return, even after the Senator from Janesville had spoken to someone about coming back and compromising but other Senators have said he didn’t have the “authority” to say he may come back, guess what he has the authority he was voted by his voters, and if he wants to come back and do his Job I commend him for attempting to do this, I condemn the ones that put their wants above his because they are supposedly in “charge”, in case it has escaped anyone’s notice these guys are not the 3 Musketeers, nor are they Robin Hood.

My final words are for those that will be receiving lay off notices on 3/4/11; I have to ask you to thank those 14 Senators that have put their plans ahead of your jobs. Gov. Walker has been extremely clear, if they did NOT return layoffs would happen.

  1. March 8, 2011 at 12:38 pm

    It’s interesting to see this point of view. I can’t say fore sure if I agree or not, but it is something I will think about now.

    • March 13, 2011 at 9:33 pm

      Thank you for the comments, and your being open minded about this issue.

  1. March 13, 2011 at 9:46 pm

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