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Personal Responsibility and Political Irresponsibility

When I hear the politicians talking about the Federal Government needing to keep all the entitlement programs, I really wonder how long it has been since they have really had to work a regular job, I mean the real job of having to be responsible to be at your job at a certain time in the morning, doing an honest days work for an honest days pay.

I know that many of the politicians that are talking now about not cutting the entitlements to people that do not have the ability to care for themselves.

My Senator Paul Ryan has written a plan, matter of fact he has been talking about that same thing for many years, about the fact that the major entitlement Social Security as well as Medicare is not sustainable, anyone that went to school after 1980, and even before we were being told that we would not have social security when we got to the age of retirement, which when I graduated from high school was 55, now the retirement age is suppose to be 67… really? I am not saying that I wouldn’t work when I was 65, but what of the people that can NOT work, due to illness, or disability? I am not talking about the self imposed disability, those individuals that imbide of alcohol, and drugs, then they apply and are granted disability, sorry they didn’t realize that the drugs would kill their brain cells, or make it so that they were unable to hold and keep a job, not our problem.

Social Security Disability was suppose to be for those that were disabled, and I mean truly disabled, those that had in good faith paid into the system, and through no fault of their own, become disabiled.

I heard today that planned parenthood is suppose to be a “womans health” service, really? That was the place all the girls that needed abortions when I was a kid went, they received their birth control, for free, and if they missed their pill, or didn’t take any that is where they went for their abortions, for about $200 that was the price about a year ago.

I am not saying that abortion should be illegal, what I object to is the real fact that we as taxpayers we pay for this.

We help pay for NPR, too, from the reports that were in the main stream media a week or so ago that Planned Parenthood as well as NPR were on the small percentage of the money paid for by the Federal Government? Really? Then what is the problem with taking that amount away from them then?

What of the other pork that the Federal politicians dole out to their friends back home?

Don’t think that I wont also point out the special interests in the State Politics as well.

The Federal representatives will collect their golden parachute from us Taxpayers, they have the healthcare, as well as collecting their Social Security as well as a fund that if they are a member prior to 1983, that is when they started paying into their Social Security fund, if they have that federal funds then they draw off that.

Most politicians will retire after 20 or more years as a “representative” they will then go into private industry, as a lobbyist, or to write books, or go on to even grander elected offices.

When the President was saying this last week that republicans were “un-American” as well that the people that are on the top of the wage pool (over $250K) were willing to pay more in taxes, we just hadn’t asked.. what? I really can not believe that one but ok I will take his words with a grain of salt.

Lets please remember these people that “earn” over $250k are also the businesses that employee people, there is a a reason that they do not have a tax rate that is higher, they tend to reinvest their “earnings” into their businesses, employees, and communities.

Lets look at the people that get entitlements, they receive goods and services, often from the companies that are making more than $250,000 or more, but they also get to take this off on their taxes as a donation, if you are a standard person, the ones that work a regular job, pays their bills all that the American Dream used to be about, if I were to receive a “gift” without need to repay that amount I would have to claim this on my taxes, so why when a person receives Medicaid, Food Stamps, and other things in order to live, they do not have to claim these gifts.

That is truly what they are gifts from the taxpayers, and we as taxpayers have to pay our taxes, and they can not claim for any gifts, even though they have not earned the money and goods they are given.

The same goes for the politicians both State and Federal, they are paid by us, the taxpayers, we do not pay them to disregard what we have said, STOP THE SPENDING, not stop spending it on what you feel like, we said this last year very clearly, STOP THE SPENDING.

The politicians need to be responsible for the pork they are spending out money on, all the luxuries and pork that is still running freely inWashington.

There is no reason that any politician should make more than $100,000 per year, I don’t care what state you are from, I don’t care how you have to get back and forth to your home district, we as taxpayers are not responsible to give you a plane so that you can fly when you feel like it, you can go through the same checks that we do when we are flying, you can be put into a cramped seat, all of it.

If you can not afford to have your family inWashingtonwith you, well why did you apply for the job? My boss is not going to move my family closer to me if my job were to change, I would be responsible for that not my boss.

I heard today that Joanne Kloppenburg has requested for a recount in the WI State Supreme  Court race, ok, this is her right as a candidate, mind you she is behind by over 7000 votes, BUT we as WI taxpayers we will have to pay for the recount, she is only responsible to pay for her Attorneys, personally I think she should have to pay for the recount as well since it is almost .5% and if it was at or over .5% she would have to pay, but since it is .499999% then we as taxpayers have to pay for it.

This moves to personal as well as political responsibility, yes it is her right as a candidate, but with the fiscal situation in this state as well as the fact there has never been an election recount over a couple hundred votes to be found, really what is she or the Unions trying to prove?

Maybe she is attempting to save face from sounding off the day after the election that she won and she hadn’t won, she was a couple hundred votes over Justice Prosser, she and her backers were adamant to jump the gun by announcing her as the winner.

Justice Prosser on the other had waited until the votes had been confirmed when it was found that there were some votes that had not been counted, those votes put Justice Prosser in the lead by over 7000 votes.

Had the Justice lost by a couple hundred votes I would have expected a recount due to the small number of votes involved, but there is no way with out fraud that Joanne Kloppenburg can win, and she even admitted it in her press conference today, so why do it?

As a politician I hold her responsible for her actions, and as an attorney I would expect nothing less from an eco-warrior such as she is.

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