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Making threats or opening mouth inserting foot?

I was extremely surprised to be watching the news tonight at 6 and someone that I used to know was on the news, not for a death, or accident, but for running her mouth on Facebook.

When will people realize that if they are on a Social media, and they say something it is open for everyone to see.

I dont agree with everything that #recallwalker people say, matter of fact I think our Governor is doing most of the things that he ran on when he was running for the Governorship of which he is occupying right now.

I know Regan Cowan, or should I say I knew her many years ago, I know she has attitude, I also know she is mostly hot air. As for alerting the Police, it was a threat against a public figure, I knew her back when I wouldnt have thought she would make a comment like this, I guess I don’t know her like I used to.

I did attempt to contact her before I unfriended her as well as her S/O, no offence to either of them, but I dont agree with making threats like this.

The only person I feel that strongly about really is not of that big of concern of mine and is no longer in my life that I would care enough about that person enough to make threats, NOBODY is worth losing my freedom or family for.

I hope that she is ok after all this is done with, but I can say oh dang, and that is the cleaned up version of what I was saying when her picture was on the news, and if you are wondering why I didnt say who she is involved with, that is my choice I would not put her in the crosshairs, it is bad enough that her mother is in Ill health, and she probably just spouted off last friday, but honestly I think I would have removed it before someone realized it.

To those that say she is similar in any way to the Segway guy, I dont think so, I think she was trying to get a reaction, albeit in a very bad way.

I hope she and those she is close to make it through this ok, and for all the rest of you that have seen this, please realize what you say online is not PRIVATE, it is Public, no matter what it can be found by someone sooner or later.

I have links below for some of the stories that have come up from this “threat”





And for all of you that have commented on her being a guy… guess you should have looked up a little more before you spouted off about it, Regan is a female. DUH

  1. December 6, 2011 at 10:28 am

    Dumb move….agreed.

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