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For those in Wisconsin, please keep your head in the game, Pro-Walker Post

In case you did not get the title I will again give you a chance to reverse course and back away from the blog, you can choose to agree or disagree with me, BUT I am tired of the lame-stream media in Wisconsin and their Walker bashing reports.

Did I vote for Gov. Walker, even though this is a personal matter I will admit, YES I did, he is doing what he promised to do, reign in spending and make us more fiscally sound.

When we get rated for our bonds, and yes we all have bonds no matter what state you are in, town, city, all of them have bonds, that is municipal bonds, that is how they make money so that they can build things, supply the needs of the populace etc. if you need more information than that… go pick up a book on government spending and how they make money.

I would have liked to have seen in the news somewhere, I don’t really care where, but I have not seen any real reporting on anything having to do with this recall effort. Yes we have heard from the Democrats on their motivation, and even a few citizens that don’t feel that they were told the truth.

Our state thanks to the Whinning Democrats are in a perpetual state of voting and campaigning.

The other thing they don’t seem to understand is that this recall even if Gov. Walker is removed, which I personally doubt, reason being most the people who are Pro-Walker have really been keeping their mouths shut and their heads down.

Guess we don’t call me most people huh?

I have a right to believe that the Gov. did what he said he would do, he has lessened the hold of the Unions on the throats of the taxpayers of the state of Wisconsin.

I don’t believe that many of the teachers are too happy with WEAC either esp. since it came out that the insurance they have been paying for was at an inflated price and many of them have been able to get insurance at a lower rate, and the coverage is more complete.

That goes for most of the Union people if they would look at what they have gained, I have been watching and I still have not seen a mass exodus of State of Wisconsin Employee’s positions opening up due to the Union not being in control… maybe they are waiting for the recall, if Walker stays THEN maybe they will leave those jobs that “nobody else could do”.

We have a fantastic University System in this state and you mean to tell me there are no qualified individuals that could do their jobs? maybe not to the level of incompetence that I experienced lately when dealing with a State Employee group. Can you say DMV? yeah there were more people complaining in there (employees) that they don’t get paid to hand out the information for getting ID’s.

Really? Hey buddy move over I would gladly take over hand the documents out and smile once in a while, the growl is not becoming to you, as for your counterpart at the end of the desk, she was kind, friendly, and she even smiled, if I had a way of recommending her for a raise or some other thing I would gladly do it.

I wonder if the Democrats realise that their “little” recall is going to cost the taxpayers over a million dollars? I am not saying they don’t have a right to have 1 but if you have a recall because of just cause fine, but he is not out killing our state like our previous Gov. who was more than willing to sell out our state for his and his cronies in Madison.

He is and has been doing what he was elected to do, put our state in the black, and in this market of declining jobs across the nation to have a state that has not had its bonds go down, like our Neighbor to the south (Illinois), we have a plan to have a surplus soon.

I could stomach this recall if he had done something wrong like leave the state to avoid an unpopular vote *shame, shame, shame* but he has done his best to put us in a good stance.  For those of you that have not heard, the recall walker website was purchased just after he was elected into office, that’s right they had this planned BEFORE the Union vote and all the other votes he has passed.

I for 1 enjoy my rights to speak freely, carry a gun if I have a permit, and to elect whom I want, I don’t believe that the vote will go another way when they finally have the vote sometime this summer, since voter ID will be in place there is a lesser chance of voter fraud, at least I hope so.

For all you that have suffered through my rant, Thank you, for those of you that disagree, that fine, for those in the news media, JSONLINE, FOX 6, TMJ 4, I would appreciate BOTH sides of the recall, really am tired of the one-sided rants of the democrats in this battle, I know they cry and whine the most, but that doesn’t make them the only ones with any skin in this game.

Fox 6 does the most balanced of the above listed stations, 1 person that ALWAYS seems to give equal time is Ted Perry, but the rest of the crew seem to lean differently.

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