I can only hope that America wakes up before it is too late, Sharia law has been creeping in all over, I dont care if it is a religion or a way of life, it is NOT the law of the USA, and thus is not held to be constitutional, so which is it a religion or not, if it is not a religion then it does not have protection under our constitution, if it is a “way of life” that is similar to being gay or lesbian, again protected against “hate crimes” but NOT a religion, so they need to answer which it is FIRST before they can be protected either as a practice of life, or a religion. My understanding of Islam and the Koran is limited, but being “Muslim” is a religious practice, being Islamic does not make you Muslim. Being a Muslim would mean the same as being Lutheran, or Catholic, unless something has changed that most people do not know, Sharia is their sets of Law BASED on Muslim faith, ie the Koran, it is all very confusing but it needs to be cleared up 1 way, you are in America now, not Islam, that means Constitution not Sharia is the word of law here.

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