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Four Unanswered Questions About the Cybersecurity Bills

“The U.S. legislature has cybersecurity on the brain. In the coming months, Congress and the Senate will consider a confusing variety of cybersecurity bills — including H.R. 3523 (Rogers), H.R. 3674 (Lungren), S. 2105 (Lieberman), and S. 215 (McCain) — all of which purport to keep U.S. companies and infrastructure safe from ‘cyberattacks.’ But as Congress continues to weigh this legislation and negotiate potential amendments, users should ask some serious questions about how these proposals will affect civil liberties, and tell Congress that we won’t stand for cybersecurity bills that undermine our civil liberties. Here are four hard questions that Congressmembers should be asking about these bills–the answers to which the bills disagree on or dodge entirely….”


SOPA, PIPA, ACTA, CISPA.—This is an all out assault on free speech…

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