I would gladly pay you Friday for a hamburger today (Popeye character) yeah I will get right on believing you.. you have been so honest before.. ok I can uncross my fingers now.

Anyone who believes him is drinking Kool-aid.

Tarpon's Swamp

As it happens, Charles Krauthammer strenuously disagrees. In a segment on Fox News last night, Krauthammer put the terms of debate in Washington in stark, unequivocal terms.

“Look, Obama has never offered anything in public about entitlements. He always says he wants a discussion. And now he says after the Republicans give up their one issue on taxes, I’ll discuss a bargain next year. Of course he wants that, because that’ll be the time when the Republicans are defrocked, disrobed, and disarmed, and will have nothing to bargain with,” Krauthammer said. ”Republicans started out…by offering a peace pipe, by saying ‘we’ll raise the revenues,’ and they just had a punch in the nose this afternoon. Any Republican who buys this is a fool.”

“They [Democrats] imagine that Republicans have no bargaining power today,” Krauthammer said. “I say it’s true that if Republicans resist, they’ll take the blame, and that will…

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