the GOP is not Grand anymore, Old yes, they will cave cause they dont know any better anymore.

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What is the biggest governmental problem we’ve got? We do, in theory, have checks and balances still. When the entire government belongs to one party, not so much, but when you have at least some division of powers YES. This only works if you have that “party division”, and I’m not speaking of division within the party.

The current “Speaker of the House” is one of them, not one of us. Boehner must go. Supposedly, the reason he was appointed to that position was that he was a strong conservative who would use his position to rein in the profligate spending of the left.

Though Boehner has been portrayed in the media as some kind of hardliner who is intransigent and unwilling to compromise, the truth is that he is the opposite. He is an appeaser. He is an enabler. He is an accommodationist.

Boehner began waving the…

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