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Yes it was all over guns, the British had hatched a plan to disarm the colonists. And to enshrine that God given right of self defense, the 2nd Amendment was written into our Bill of Rights. The Sons of Liberty, rose up to drive the British army away. Want to Watch a good movie that came from the original Walt Disney Productions, it’s called “Johnny Tremain“. Just make sure you get the original 1957 production copy.

And hence began the Revolutionary War.

As Freedom’s Trail in post ‘Old North Church writes’:

Christ Church in the City of Boston, also known as Old North Church, is the oldest standing church building in Boston, having first opened its doors to worshippers on December 29, 1723. Its 191 foot steeple is the tallest in Boston and, because of its prominence, would play a dramatic role in the American Revolution.

Gen. Thomas Gage had made secret plans to send troops…

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