The Camp Of The Saints

…the shit has hit the fan.

If it hasn’t, it certainly is about to, as the Left begins their big push to disarm Americans.

So…we need to be prepared to spend some money to resist them…but, wait, the Left is also actively working to destroy our currency, so, soon it will probably be as worthless as Weimer Marks. Okay…so just send Lawyers and Guns…wait…we can’t trust the Goddamn Lawyers either, so……..just send the guns, lot of guns — looks like we’re gonna need ’em.

-William Teach, proprietor of The Pirate’s Cove, has a firm understanding of the Left’s intentions. He writes:

No, no, see, in Liberal World, it is The Central Planning Committee, er, Government, that protects our Rights as they see fit. They will be happy to provide police after the crime, along with grief management counselors.

Too true. What a silly place Camelot is, eh?

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