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Why swear on Bibles if you don’t believe it

I am tired of being told I as a Christian need to allow God to be used in the manner that the politicians are using them.

I really dont care that the preacher that was going to do the benediction for the inauguration said that homosexuality is/was a sin in 1990. 

I know and have friends that are gay I don’t bash them, but they don’t push me either, it is their life to lead and their penance to pay not mine. That is turning the other cheek in real life. 

Mr. Obama there is an old song that has a chorus “you cant always get what you want” and another is “you cant always please everyone all the time” 

If you do not believe in the edicts in the holy books that you will be swearing on for your office you should not be using them. Use a phone book or something that means something to you, like maybe your own book, do not use our Christian book that we believe in, the reason we put our hand on our Holy Book is because it is believed that if you swear on that book and you are lying it is believed that God will get you for it. 


Christians Accuse Obama of Religious Bigotry

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