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strawberries cherries and an angel’s kiss in spring, and other fantasies for Washington politicians

In listening to Mr. Obama and those in Washington D.C. we really need to pay attention, as much as we were facing a fiscal cliff, nearly nobody was looking at this cliff that can and will cause more problems and with the current administration threatening Soc. Security as well as our military persons.

I have heard that the followers in the treasury saying we should not have a Debt ceiling, really? I mean REALLY???

If they do this can I get an unlimited debt ceiling credit card? there are things I would really like that I can not afford, but if I could get one of these credit cards I would really have a good time. 

Our Credit rating, or lack there of is a good reason for our economy to tank, add in the other things that nobody, OK again most nobody was talking about before. 

When I saw all the people talking after we got our first checks for this year, my how people were screaming about their lack of pay in their paychecks, but this administration did this to you and me, remind you simply it wasn’t the Republicans but the Democrats that chose this path for us. As much as they say the Republicans wont vote for this, they will not take the blame for increasing America’s Debt more than all past administrations put together. Obama and his administration made this, and he must be held accountable, no household in America can prosper without a budget, yet we are still without a budget, the Democrats will not pass a budget that cuts their spending. 

We do not have a debt problem we have a spending problem, and every good financial adviser will tell anyone looking at bankruptcy “cut up your credit cards, and spend only within your means”.

Most of us in America unless we have a golden parachute, or silver spoon know that we have to live within our means, the government agencies, qe2, 3, and possibly 4 are just slipshod ways of making the American public think they are doing something when all they are doing is kicking the can down the road.

Am I saying that they should cut entitlements, some yes, for those of you that have applied for your Social Security you had to go to the office and prove that you were of age, that you had paid into the system and what your benefit would be.

While you were there how many nice cars did you see parked in the parking lot? of the people that were in the Social Security office which ones had the expensive cars? how about the expensive cell phones? Are they of an age to get Social Security? probably not, those are the poor people we need to help due to a disability they have, mind you I am not speaking of persons that have been injured on the job and get disability from Social Security, most of those people have paid into the system all their life and the ponzi system that is called Social Security is suppose to be there for them.

Not for the drug addicts, alcoholics, and others that are eligible due to loop-holes in our current system, these people that are abusing the system were not injured on the job, they chose to be addicts, non-performing persons in our society, for that we pay for their rent, heat, cell phones, food, medical care and numerous other things due to their CHOICES we pay.

I am enraged when they trot kids out and say “your hurting our kids by cutting medicare/medicaid”. Sorry this is just a ploy to pull at your heartstrings and make you think those mean old politicians are taking something away from them, when in fact they are attempting to make it available for more people and these people have had their premiums increase. The amount proposed by Gov. Walker of WI is FAR less than what I pay for premiums for my son and I, what the Democrats don’t bring up is the fact that their is no premium paid for the children, and the co-pay for them to see a Doc or meds is far lower than any of us pay, the premium is only for the adult in the household. 

I was a single mother for more years than I care to mention, I did not access all the things that I could have received because I wanted to work, I wanted to be productive, our society is not like that any longer. 

They in Washington are screaming that something needs to be done about guns, when in truth they (politicians) are the ones that should be feared not the guns. 

We have people really believing that if Obama-care is not passed they wont have medical insurance, hello, you don’t have it now? then the rest of us are going to be paying for it. 

I am lucky enough to have a job, and I have medical insurance, which also covers my youngest son, and myself, this insurance costs me nearly a third of my pay, that means I have 1/3 less money to spend in other areas of our lives, i.e. to pay for things that would be taxed and further grow our economy. 

I am sick and tired of these politicians not speaking straight, or flip-flopping on what they say for what is best for them at this political moment. 

Washington needs to go on a diet, and I am not talking food, I am talking money, put them on our diet in the general class, minimum wage, Obama-care, and the like, if they want to stay in Washington when they are in session, great your office is big enough grab a pull out bed, or set up a cot, you do not need a house while you are there, at most a few could get together and go in on 2 or 3 bedroom Apartments. 

They can live like their constituents live, as for paying for their lifestyles after they are unemployed (voted out of office)? when the real unemployment numbers are below 10% we can revisit it, until then nope nope, you can figure it out like the rest of us do. 

Like the title of this rant, Washington lives in a land of fantasy, I dont really care if you are Republican or Democrat, you ALL need to get your heads on straight and stop thinking those of us in the populace don’t see or wont say anything while you feed us your summer wine, you are fleecing us and we know it. 

No more spending, no more raising the debt ceiling, you need to cut the spending, I know everyone says don’t touch my entitlement, but if it is not for the well being of those that have been forced to pay into the governments ponzi scheme of Social Security then it is fair game. 

And Mr. Obama don’t even think of cutting off our military personal they earn very little in comparison to you and your cronies, matter of fact when are you going to pay us back for the money that we have spent to fly your @$$ all over? if it was not for an official function i.e to meet other heads of state you owe us the money, we have to save sometimes for years to go on a vacation, and most of us are having more and more stay-cations because we can NOT afford to go anywhere but home for our vacations.



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