Chad has more than 1 good point in this blog, society as a whole and the industries we work in are all too forgiving of the lazy and uneducated, or those that are lazy and over educated depending on their take on things.

The D.C. Clothesline


Monday was a long day in what turned out to be my last day of employment at my job. Unfortunately, I can’t lay the blame for this particular development at Obama’s feet, but rather, I fault my own increasingly intolerant disposition towards this dysfunctional trend of eroding integrity and intelligence so many in our Country seem content to spiral down into. So much seems so ass backwards anymore since the days when I viewed the world through the eyes of a much younger, more selfishly self-indulgent, and ignorant me. Before, things that would have been deemed unacceptable in a work setting and gotten your ass shown to the door, now are accepted. For whatever reasons, be they a base apathy or basic fear of possible litigated reprisals for whatever perceived slights or discrimination, real or imagined. Just more of the subliminal intended consequences of political correctness basically as far as…

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