another persons take on common sense in the workplace no longer a requirement for business



OK, I know you think that the reason so many jobs have gone to Mexico and Asia is because of American wages, and there is truth in that. But, and it’s a big but, it’s not the whole reason, often it’s not even the primary reason. We’re going to talk about that today. I’m going to start with a story from a guy who lost his job Monday. I’ll tell you right now that with my experience, it rings absolutely true to me, I’ve seen it at least dozens if not hundreds of times. Nor am I going to apologize for his language, he speaks as what he is, a good, hard-working American.

Monday was a long day in what turned out to be my last day of employment at my job. Unfortunately, I can’t lay the blame for this particular development at Obama’s feet, but rather, I fault my own increasingly intolerant disposition…

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