simple common sense things to do for just in case, if nothing else you should pretend that a major snow storm is coming and you need to be prepared to not leave house for 4 weeks, (used to be common in WI in the day) but make sure you are prepared ALL the time.

The Radio Patriot


A sign that the dollar is getting closer to collapse?

The Bundesbank said in a statement Wednesday that it will repatriate all 374 tons of gold it had stored in Paris by 2020. An additional 300 tons — equivalent to 8 percent of the Bundesbank’s total reserves worth about $183 billion — will also be shipped from New York to Frankfurt.

Glenn Beck says this is yet another sign of a collapsing economy. His advice:

Know your neighbors. Talk to them. Make a plan. Find attorneys who will represent you for free and then if they come for your guns, tell them you will not allow entry into your home (4th Amdt), and you will sue them for violating your Constitutional rights (2nd Amdt)

Pay down your bills.

Be sure your home/family are self sufficient. Stock up on whatever you’ll need to survive.

Get your hands on cash. You don’t…

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