The Camp Of The Saints

For the past four-plus years, we’ve been witness to an unending orgy of fellation of Barack Hussein Obama by the media, by politicians, by pundits, by scholars, by ‘artists’, and by various Americans with obvious mental defects.

While the media have been especially willing to give Barry a continuous set of gushing metaphorical BJ’s, it is the artistes who have proven most enthusiastic to caress the jug-eared Nancy-Boy’s Johnson [yeah, my own writing here is starting to make me ill, too].

Witness talented songstress Alicia Keys at one of the Inaugural Balls the other night, where she reworked the lyrics of her big hit song Girl On Fire [I have put this together based on two reports here and here]:

He’s president and he’s on fire
Hotter than a fantasy, longer like a highway
[BOB: Well, we are on a Highway To Hell]
He’s living in a world and…

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