this is the reason that I hate going into the SS office close to us, Hubby has to he received a career ending injury, but these “people” that take when they are fully capable of working should be cut from the SSDI roles, not next year, not next month NOW!!! problem is the Ford Dealer can not lodge a complaint against her or swear to what she said cause she is in the right, unlike hubby who had to wait and prove through numerous doc visits that he is disabled, fyi in his case he made WAY more than what he receives on SSDI, we would love to have the amount that he used to bring home in a month, but due to an accident that happened on the job through fault of a subcontractor of his employer he will forever be in pain and will never be the same. also not everyone that gets SSDI gets food stamps or other assistance, so she really has it good.

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