The Camp Of The Saints

Jeff Goldstein on Chuck Hagel:

You ready? Because I’m about to become a steroidal Visigoth: given his failures to disclose, coupled with his radicalized stance against free countries (the US, Israel) and in favor of terrorist regimes (Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran), it is reasonable to assume that, far from the fine man two-time Obama voter Republican Colin Powell has made him out to be, Chuck Hagel is potentially compromised — and by countries who have as their stated goal our weakening or outright destruction. Therefore, it is my assertion that a vote to confirm Hagel, under such conditions, is an abdication of Senatorial duties and should result in the removal of that Senator from office.

Unfortunately, we’ve become too sophisticated— and too immersed in the post-modernist turn toward anti-foundationalist relativism — to give claims of sedition much credence these days. Which is fortunate for far too many currently holding…

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