The Muslim Issue

The attacker have been described to be around 25-years of age, of foreign/Middle Eastern appearance, around 175-180 cm height. He may be a salafi/wahhabi and displayed a thick dark beard (common amongst conservative Muslims). Europe’s notorious Sharia4Belgium offshoot?


Thank you for the hundreds of facebook messages and mails I have received since a lunatic tried to bump me off two days ago.
I’m in fine shape and hope to return to a semblance of normal life and work pretty soon.
Meanwhile I can only repeat what I have already said to one of the Danish dailies:
I would rather die than shut up.
They may kill us but there will always be people determined to stand up for our most precious right ­ the right of free expression.
Thank you to the hundreds who have have joined our Free Press Society or taken out subscriptions to Dispatch International…

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